September 3, 2011

Football Preview 2011

Football Preview 2011
Ok Ok so Patriots and Saints didn’t exactly play each other in the Superbowl last season but I did have the Chiefs in the playoffs…I get some credit for that right? So new season, clean slate…let’s make some picks!

Are you ready for some LOCKOUT!!! Actually it really wasn’t that bad, just countless interviews of Adam Schefter and Chris Mortenson saying that a bunch of guys went into a room, then a bunch of guys came out of a room…and then it was over. I can handle that. I was one of the people that said from the get go that too much momentum and money was at stake, and in the end the guys with all the leverage won…the fat cat owners who got a deal that pretty much made sense for them mostly, but the players did get some benefits out of it. Enough of that though, this is FOOTBALL time and I can’t let the season begin without making my predictions (I mean I could, certainly no one would notice but it would just be uncouth to do so).


NFC EAST: Eagles 10-6 Redskins 9-7 Cowboys 8-8 Giants 5-11 (The BEast) still is a strong division but expectations are a bitch, just ask the “Dream Team” Eagles who will come out of the gate a bit shaky only to recover and win the East. I don’t like the Cowboys despite their more flamboyant looking Ryan brother running the defense now, I just don’t believe Felix Jones and Dez Bryant are stars until they prove it. Now the sneaky Redskins will be much better on defense, but will John Beck (I assume he will get the nod over “worst QB ever in a Superbowl” Rex Grossman)do enough to get them wins. The Giants lost a lot, I’m not sure they realize that yet…they will soon. (Stars of Division-Tim Hightower and Michael Vick) {Sleepers-John Beck QB Redskins and Steve Smith WR Eagles}

NFC NORTH: Packers 11-5 Lions 9-7 Vikings 7-9 Bears 6-10 Last year I didn’t put the Packers in the playoffs (I had them 9-7), but this year it’s hard to argue with them as division favorites, though I do think their defense will be less sharp. I am on the Lions bandwagon, but beware of the hype; this team still has much to prove. The Vikings are interesting to me, their defense should be ok, and I like McNabb still, especially with AP there to bail him out (McNabb has never played with an elite runner…and no Brian Westbrook doesn’t count). Lastly as it has been long established I am not a Jay Cutler fan, or a Lovie Smith Fan, or a Mike Martz fan…so add it up to a 6-10 record for da Bears. (Stars of Division Adrian Peterson and Calvin Johnson) {Sleepers-Javhid Best RB Lions and Bernard Berrian WR Vikings}

NFC SOUTH: Saints 10-6 Falcons 10-6 Bucs 8-8 Panthers 6-10 Last year I had the Bucs at 3-13 and that cost me (I bet against them for like the first 5 weeks until I finally hoped on board the Freeman Express…I did have Freeman as my break out QB last year though so I get that one at least), this year I still don’t give them respect as I have them regressing to an 8-8 season. I actually like the Panthers a little here giving them 6 wins is a compliment. Between the Saints and the Falcons it’s tough, I like both teams a lot, I give the slightest edge to the Saints though. (Stars of Division-Drew Brees and Roddy White){Sleepers-Cam Newton QB Panthers and Jimmy Grahmn TE Saints}

NFC WEST: Rams 10-6 49ers 8-8 Cardinals 7-9 SeaHawks 3-13 At one time, long ago, this train I rode was full, not a seat to be had, the name of this train you ask?…The Alex Smith Express…now I still ride this train, but I’m the last guy on it sadly…cmon New Coach Harbaugh…make me look smart finally. Even though I like the 49ers, I’m not crazy enough to put them at the top, I think Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson can get it done here. I believe Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals will be solid, but not good enough to break 7 wins. Lastly my guess is that Pete Carroll bought himself a year with that Saints upset in the playoffs, so he’s going to use it to get a top draft pick next year for either Andrew Luck and Matt Barkley…and the way he’s going to do that is to let Tavarious Jackson play QB the he knows he can…just frankly awful. (Stars of Divison-Alex Smith, Steven Jackson, and finally Frank Gore){Sleepers-Mike Sims Walker WR Rams and Braylon Edwards WR 49ers}


AFC WEST: Chargers 10-6 Broncos 8-8 Raiders 7-9 Chiefs 6-10 I nailed this division two years in a row so I’m going for the 3-peat, I had to put the Chiefs as a regression team, I just don’t see the defense or health for them staying good enough. I think the Raiders are sneaky, Bush and McFadden are solid and maybe…just maybe Jason Campbell doesn’t totally suck. I’m a John Fox fan and because of that I am going to give him credit with an 8-8 season, the Broncos get Elvis Dumervil back and I think Fox can turn Moreno into a star. As for the Chargers, well they are oozing talent so I think even idiot coach Norv Turner can get them to the 10 wins they will need. (Stars of Division-Phillip Rivers, Knowshon Moreno){Sleepers-Dexter McCluster WR Chiefs and Eddie Royal WR Broncos}

AFC SOUTH: Texans 10-6 Colts 8-8 Titans 8-8 Jaguars 4-12 Every year I pick the Texans and every year their Coach finds another awesome player on his roster and squanders that talent away with awful game management skills (really Coach…how many times are you going to try to rush it in on the goal line for the game?...really 7 times?), but with the additions they made on defense they’ve sucked me back into the Kubiak Vortex of heartbreak…I give em 11 wins…I’m all in on the Texans…but beware I’m on tilt. Manning won’t be sharp and that defense is tired, they will have some great games but the Colts days of double digit wins are over. I like Jake Locker a lot, I’m just wondering how long I’ll have to sit through Matt Hasselback before I can see him. As for the Jags, my guess is they start 3-1 and get everyone excited, before they give up on Coach Del Rio (who the Jags should’ve fired 2 years ago anyway?). (Stars of Division Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, and Chris Johnson){Sleepers Delone Carter RB Colts and Mike Thomas WR Jags}

AFC NORTH: Ravens 11-5 Steelers 10-6 Browns 7-9 Bengals 4-12 I still think one of these years the Ravens will break through against the Steelers…this is the year, yes I did say this last year, but why bring it up now? The Steelers are the Steelers I have to give them 10 wins even though it pains me to do so. Everybody thinks the Browns are sexy with McCoy and Hillis, but beware, you are still asking a lot from a team and a QB that have no receivers. (Stars of Division Ray Rice and Joe Flacco){Sleepers-Andy Dalton QB Bengals and Greg Little WR Browns}

AFC EAST: Patriots 11-5 Jets 10-6 Bills 7-9 Dolphins 5-11 Tom Brady is twitching for a fourth ring and I think this team now has the defense to do it! As for the Jets, I think they aren’t quite as good as last year, but still strong enough to get to 10 wins. The Bills will upset a few folks this year, and finish the year being very pleased with Ryan Fitzpatrick (who went to Haaaavard. Chad Henne will play better this year for the Dolphins, but it won’t save Coach Sporano’s job as that defense looks rough. (Stars of Division Tom Brady and Stevie Johnson){Sleepers Chad Henne QB Miami and Fred Jackson RB Bills}

Playoffs: NFC round 1: Falcons @ Eagles, Lions @ Rams. NFC round 2: Falcons @ Packers/ Lions @ Saints. NFC Title: Saints Vs Falcons Champ-Saints
AFC round 1: Steelers @ Texans, Jets @ Chargers. AFC round 2: Texans @ Patriots, Jets @ Ravens. AFC Title: Pats Vs Jets Champ-Patriots
SUPER BOWL 45- Pats 41 Saints 38 MVP Tom Brady

Bonus College Football Title Game-Wisconsin vs South Carolina…The Ol Ball Coach returns to the big stage (I love Florida St. as well…and watch out for sneaky good V Tech.)

March 31, 2011

BASEBALL Predictions 2011

I'm still hard at work on the worst screenplay of all time, however I had to time stamp my baseball predictions for the 2011 season...enjoy. (Any guess who I have wining it all?)

AL East Champ-Red Sox
AL Central Champ-Tigers
AL West Champ-Angels
Wild Card-White Sox

NL East Champ-Phillies
NL Central Champ-Cubs
NL West Champ-Dodgers
Wild Card-Braves

World Series-Braves vs Red Sox
World Champs-Red Sox

NL MVP-Ryan Howard
AL MVP-Adrian Gonzalez
NL CY YOUNG-Josh Johnson
AL CY YOUNG-Jon Lester

Gonna be a great season!!!!!!!

January 31, 2011

Kansas City Shuffle Time

Ok so due to my shifting hours at work and my busy all around schedule I've decided to break from the BLOG for awhile. I am not sure when I will be back, and not even sure if I will come back. (I may make it strictly a movie blog and cut out the Fantasy stuff). however I didn't want to cut out before updating the Top Ten Movies of 2010 List. I may come back and put up reviews and I may not, but at least you know where I stand on the top ten. The Fighter is my pick for best picture at the Oscars, but I think the Social Network will win...that said if it's the King's Speech I have little beef.