September 4, 2014

Football Preview 2014

The time has come to put my NFL predictions on the record again!

First a recap of last year:
What I got right: I predicted the Eagles would win the NFC East at 10-6-NAILED IT EXACTLY, I predicted the Packers would win the NFC North and they just barely did, I had the Pats in the AFC East at 11-5 and they actually did one game better, and even though they didn’t win the division as I predicated the Chargers did make the playoffs and had a hell of season!

What I got wrong: Pretty much everything else, I drastically underestimated the Seahawks and Broncos as I had neither of them making the playoffs…oops, I overvalued the Jets, Texans, and Falcons, but injuries played a part there as well.

Well no need to cry over past failures, time to move on to 2014 and welcome back America’s Game…FOOZBALL!!! Here are my 2014 predictions (I am not liable for any money you lose gambling based on these predictions!):

AFC East: Patriots 12-4-well last year 11-5 was too low, now give me back Gronk hopefully healthy for um like what 12ish games please? Add a great shutdown corner in Revis (who only has to be 3/4ths as good as he was to be exactly what we need (and not leave every big game like Talib did!) and you have an angry Brady led squad primed to make one more big run at a title!

AFC North: Bengals 10-6-I want to give them 11 wins but they will lose at least 3 in the division and likely 3 more out of division, they are great defensively and good enough offensively, but Dalton to me is still just slightly above average so don’t go buying Superbowl tickets yet Bengal Nation.

AFC West: Broncos 11-5-I like the Chargers and don’t hate the Chiefs but the Broncos still on paper look too good to lose more than 5 games, but don’t worry Charger fans you get in the dance as well! Losing Welker won't hurt em much and even though Manning won't go nuts again, he will still be real real good...concerns  about the running game are worrisome and also (see above) Talib has got to stay on the field for that secondary to be any good. 

AFC South: Titans 9-7-Tough division to figure out, I hate a lot of the Colts defense and the offense got a little worse losing Donald Brown, maybe a touch better getting Wayne back…and even though Andrew Luck is great…he isn't that great…8-8 looks about right as they will lose at least 1 each to both the Jags and Texans who are better than people think. Titans have a sharp looking young squad, Hunter and Sankey will contribute and Jake Locker might fend off Zach Mettenburger for a year. 

Wild Cards-Chargers 10-6, Dolphins 9-7

AFC round 1:Chargers over Titans, Bengals over Dolphins

AFC round 2:Pats over Chargers, Bengals over Broncos

Title game-Pats over Chargers

NFC East: Cowboys 11-5-How bout them Cowboys! I am a pretty avid Cowboy hater but something just tells me they will have a 5-1 run sometime near the end of the season and secure this division just barely inching out a 10-6 Eagle team.

NFC North: Packers 11-5-A healthy Rodgers, a great RB in Lacy, a healthy Cobb…maybe even a surprise TE in Richard Rodgers (Rodgers to Rodgers Touchdown!!!...Phil Sims is in heaven!)   

NFC West: Seahawks 11-5-They will come out of the gate a little sloppy maybe 3-2, 3-3, but will get it together…11 wins is enough in a very competitive division.

NFC South: Saints 12-4-A reunited Sean Payton and Dree Brees offense will tear up records like they were nothing, but they will scuffle a bit late and hang on to the number 1 seed just barely.

Wild Cards-Bears 10-6 Falcons 10-6 (Sorry Lions, Bucs, and 49ers I had you all at 9-7)

NFC round 1: Packers over Bears, Falcons over Cowboys

NFC round 2: Packers over Seahawks, Falcons over Saints

Title game: Packers over Falcons

Superbowl: Patriots over Packers (redemption for 96…damn you Desmond Howard!!)

Defensive MVP: J J Watt
ROY Offense: Justin Hunter
ROY Defense: Jadeveon Clowney
COY: Sean Payton

Good Luck to all!