February 22, 2015


In a year where there was a lot of good…greatness was lacking.
Boyhood changed the way we think about what film could do, Birdman changed the way we thought we watched film, and Selma changed the way we think about the Academy Awards.
Let’s break it down.


BEST PICTURE: What will win-Boyhood (its long at 165 minutes and slow at times, but it is both emotional and fun to watch not only Ellar Coltrane age 12 years, but how about Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette in brave performances, Kudos to Linklater for pulling this off). What should win-Birdman, I think my top 3 all have cases to make (Boyhood is deserved, but Birdman was a wonderfully fun film that really took you on a 2 hour ride that blows your mind a few times along the way, and of course Selma really made MLK and that Alabama awfulness come to life in way that people of all races and parts of the country needed to see). 

BEST DIRECTOR: Who will win-Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (His Birdman “the unexpected virtue of ignorance” is a vision that comes to life in a way few directors could pull). Who should win-I think Inarritu, but I will say there is a case to be made for Linklater and his patience and certainly for Ava DuVernay who is clearly being overlooked for some reason, at a minimum she should be a nominee…this is an epic fail by the Academy (why is Bennett Miller nominated?).

BEST ACTOR: Who will win-Seems to be Eddie Redmayne who really shouldn’t, though his depiction of Sephen Hawking is a physical acting achievement. Who should win-Michael Keaton, this is not a legacy or lifetime award he was really good and even in a film where there are many standout performances he is the glue that holds it all together, now that said I wouldn’t want to argue with David Oyelowo winning, he is wonderful as MLK, again this year the Academy really failed to acknowledge a worthy actor (last year it was a travesty that Michael B. Jordan was not nominated for Fruitvale Station, this is that same level of awful).

BEST ACTRESS: Who will win-Julianne Moore, lock it up but I can’t comment as I have not seen Still Alice (yet, I will get to it). Who should win-I thought Felicity Jones actually in many ways outshined Eddie Redmayne in The Theory of Everthing, and I thought (though not her fault) Rosamund Pike was unbelievable as an unbelievable character Gone Girl.
BEST SUPPORTING’S: Who will win-LOCK IT DOWN J.K. Simmons and Patricia Arquette and without a doubt they should win, Norton and Ruffalo are commendable but Simmons is unreal on point. As for Arquette she is the glue and hero of the 3 hour film Boyhood and her performance shines in everyway.


ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Will win-Grand Budapest, Should win-I’d say Birdman but I won’t argue with a wonderful little film like Grand Budapest Hotel.

ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Will win-The Imitation Game, Should win-Whiplash, this film is too good to only win 1 award this year.

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Will win-Birdman, and yes it should win, what a ride of a film!

ORIGINAL SONG: Will win-Glory (always want to root for Common), should win-Everything is awesome (I play this at work when I really get mad).