March 31, 2009

Fantasy Update #2 (baseball)

I'm sorry I was away for a few weeks, I had a death in the family, hopefully I now can find the time to update more frequently.

So in a note for those who are just becomming fantasy players try to remember practice makes perfect, but nobody gives props to the guy who plays in ten leagues and wins one, try to keep it to a good number. I like 2.5 leagues, this way if you win, your legit, and you are able to stay focussed. Plus having many leagues allows you to be one of those guys who abandons the team that does bad, and stick with the ones who do well. I played in one basketball league this year, and was in the tank all year...but stuck it out and look to finish in second place now. (top three is what I always aim for) So this year I will be in two leagues all year, and propbably one mid season league (head to head). This is a review of my first team.

Team 1 (roto league) pick 5 12-teams

Ok so I just drafted my first fantasy team Redsox Revenge in an unnamed league. Trying to follow my own advice (which is often hard because I hate listening to myself, that's why I have a blog) I drafted a third baseman first.
#1-David Wright-no brainer stays healthy, strong in all catagories-projections 97-34-111-12-309
#2-Chase Utley-even with injury was shocked to get this tandem, I wanted Utley last year no i'm glad he's on my team-projections 109-31-118-11-294
#3-Geovany Soto-Like the tight end in football the catchers go and this league they tumbled early, I like Soto and took him above Doumit, because of injuries-projections 77-26-94-1-289
#4-Alexi Ramirez-This basically gave me the most dominant infield in th league, and certainly gave me my best ever. Alexi is a high upside guy how woll blossom this year into a legit all-star-projections 117-29-101-17-297
#5-Matt Holliday-This concerns me, but not much I like his average, his speed, and his overall potential, plus I hope the sox get him by the end of the year-projections 117-26-94-31-331

Outfield- Holliday, Ibanez, Werth, Dunn, and Eithier...Like this outfield, no big names that are locks but Eithier is a nice bench guy to grab, also with Dunn playing First and OF it opens things up if my boy Derek Lee decides to have a big year.

Infield-1st-Dunn/Lee 2nd-Utley 3rd-Wright/Lowell Short-Ramirez Catcher-Soto/Posada...this is my best infield ever, I have two good cathers, and a top three at their postion in three spots, I will end up with another player like Jed Lowrie for some flexibility, but for now this is the balance I set out for after last year I blew up with problems. I have just enough speed to not concede the stat, but I won't win it.

bench includes currently Derek Lee, Jorge Posada, and Mike Lowell

Starters-Oswalt,Bedard,Kuroda, Way-Rod, J Sanchez, J Smoltz, Penny...My ptiching staff is a little average, but Oswalt will have a big year, after that I put my money where my mouth was with Kuroda, Bedard, and Way-Rod. I like Sanchez but he will move around along with Penny as I do my usual matchup type pitching style. This is where 80% of my roster changes come.

Relief Pichers-Joe Nathan, and Brian Fuentes...Need I say more, I am aware I need one more guy here but I have time to get it because I have two guys who are 30+ guaranteed due to the nature of their teams close games, and the lights out stuff they have. After I see how some of my starters pan out I will pick up a closer or lights out set-up man to help with whip and era.

Team 2 drafts tomorrow for me I will get an update as soon as I can...good drafting everyone, hope your teams do well.

March 14, 2009

Fantasy Update #1 (baseball)

Alright remember to draft key postions first, there aren't that many good 3rd Baseman out there so this is my first need. I have them in this order: Wright, A-Ram, Youk, Chipper, Longoria, C Davis, and Lowell. Sleeper Alert is A Beltre...he is not on steroids anymore which is a bummer for him in his contract year, but he is still a valuable guy, I like for 285 AVG 24 Dingers 97 RBI and 10 steals. (Note Miguel Cabrera might play a little third with B Inge this year if he does then he is clear number one)

Nick Notes: This year my philosophy has changed a bit, last year I was a little jumpy with me if he ain't Santana or Lincecum, he ain't worth it. Don't waste high picks on pitchers until you have the pop and speed in your lineup that you will need to stay on top. There are countless comeback stories this year, and many, many serviceable arms in waiting. Let me name ten that will go late and will play like a first or second round stud...Smoltz, Liriano, Kuroda, King Felix, Matt Cain, Erik Bedard, D Price, Gil Meche, Brandon Morrow, and don't laugh Randy "ol man" Johnson. These guys will have better years than you think. Keep an eye on Pedro if he ends up a Dodger he wins 10-12 and stikes out 100-150 in 20 starts.

MUST HAVE!!! Ryan Doumit...there are so few catchers and he is such a good hitter he will play first base limiting his time off for the Pirates, still people don't know this guy...but trust me by the end of the year they will, reach up a few spots and grab him before someone else does.

Don't Waste it!!! I know your a Yankee fan, and you keep winning your fantasy baseball league because you have the horse A-Rod...but make no mistake this year he is an A-Fraud, he is hurt and will hate coming back at 60% because the fans will kill him. Really do you want to waste a first round pick on this guy, let some other fool take him, he will be out a month after he returns even he can play through it. I am not just saying this because he is the Kobe of baseball and I highly dislike him...take Jose Reyes instead...and thank me later.

Movie Review #1 Taken

Taken (2008) Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace Directed by Pierre Morel

This movie was a nice change from most of the crap I had seen in theaters lately. (Friday the 13th, Paul Blart, and precious life minute stealing Day the Earth Stood Still) It was short (93 minutes) which isn't always a bad thing. Taken is bit like sex with a girl you have liked for a while but are just getting to sleep with, sort of awkward and bumpy at the start line, then some adrenaline filled chaos, followed by what you hoped for, and ultimately concluding with an awesomely satisfying climax, and a silent sigh of "thanks for comming". Everything that is good about these "thinking man's action flick movies" you get in Taken. Yeah Yeah some things don't make sense, and yes Liam's character probably would've been killed or arrested before he ever got to the bitches who stole his daughter, but who cares...did I fret when Jason Bourne jumped out of an unprotected high rise window into a conveniently placed nonexistent body of water...well maybe a little, but who cares, is that Moby playing...F%@# Yeah!! This is just the kinda ride people want! Ignore the silly writing (at times), and the unusually annoying Famke Janssen, and just enjoy the pursuit of some Albanian bastards by an angry Qui-Gon. This picture compared to the garbage thats out there now is a Nick Recommendation. I give it 7.0 Memorable Morgan Freeman lines from Shawshank Redemption (out of 10 cause there are ten you can say anywhere and someone will yell F-ing Shawshank) So for those of us waiting for Bourne 4...see Taken to hold you over.

Food for thought: (I brought a homemade turkey sandwich and carrots to this one) I have just read that a sequel is on the way! Good for Qui-gon I guess they finally forgave him for trusting that little kid.