September 30, 2009

Fantasy Football Update #4 (week 3)

Quote of the Week "I love it when a plan comes together" (from the A-team bitches!) and yes I'm getting old as I turn a ripe 29 this Saturday Oct 3rd. It is a bold statement considering I only went 1-1 for the week and also lost 1/2 of my big trade pieces when Frank Gore went down for 3 weeks, but it is ok because my two calls of the week came through. Call #1 Bet Detroit Moneyline plain and simple this team is on the upswing and the Redskins are so confused out there it's like they should play Yakety Sax (you know the Benny Hill theme...ok, ok that's before my time...but I still know it) every time they enter the redzone. Call # 2 Play C Buckhalter for the Broncos 108 Rush Yards...a great waiver fill in for a week...and yes he helped me get a win, then I dropped him, because fumbling crazy K Moreno is going to get the ball now. Let's break it down.

Pats (League 1) 10 teams, standard scoring (ESPN) 5 bench, 1 IR, Record 1-2
QB-T Brady-17 Points, 277 ps yds, 1 TD, 0 INT's...getting better Tom, nice to see the play action
RB-R Rice-12 Points, 48 rush yards, 27 rec yards, 1 TD...a match up guy
RB-S Slaton-10 Points, 76 rush yards, 37 rec yards, 0 TD's...well no fumbles
WR-C Johnson-4 Points, 7 targets, 49 rec yards...dissapointing
WR-M Colston-6 Points, 7 targets, 67 rec yards...he will be hit or miss
TE-J Witten-7 Points, 9 targets, 9 catches, 77 rec yards...showed signs of life in the 2nd Half
K-K Brown-6 Points, 1/1 FG's, 3/3 XP's...yeah fine...I still hate kickers
D/ST-Jets-14 Points, 2 INT's 2 FR's 17 PA...they play the Saints this week
Bench-Benson and J Jones had good weeks for me on the bench (who knew, they played Chicago and Pitt, two good running defenses) , but with Gore out I was satisfied with who I went with for the most part. J Jones-18 Points, C Benson-13 Points, F Gore-0 Points, K Winslow-1 Point, and R Bush-7 Points
Moves-So I said goodbye to T Jones, Jets D/ST. and C Cooley...I added K Winslow (don't laugh), Ray Rice, Reggie Bush, and Glen Coffee. Hopefully I acquired Bush to trade him and get another guy I want...but we will see.
Week 4 lineup-subject to change-Brady (BAL), C Benson (@CLE), S Slaton (OAK), J Jones (@ IND), C Johnson (@ CHI), J Witten (@DEN), K Brown (OAK), and 49ers D/ST (STL)

Dirty Dawgs (League 2) 10 team, non-standard scoring (CBS) 20 bench, record 2-1
QB-T Brady-14 Points...we learned that Wes Welker is still missed
RB-C Buckhalter-8 Points, 108 rush yards...he was a nice 1 week band aid
WR-A Boldin-8 Points, 83 rec yards, 1 TD...with a healthy hamstring
WR-C Johnson-0 Points, 49 rec yards...tough week for Megatron
WR-B Berrian-0 Points, 56 rec yards...what possessed me to start 3 WR's again?
TE-T Gonzalez-0 Points, 16 rec yards...Pats Def shut him down completely
K-K Brown-6 Points, 1/1 FG, 3/3 XP's...again whatever its a kicker
DST-Eagles-8 Points, 14 PA, DFR, 3 sacks...a stud defense
Bench-For the 2nd week Favre (22 Points) outplayed Brady, the Chargers DST had 10 Points, and J Jones added 8 Points. I have to do better.
Moves-Sent D Garrard, A Boldin (I know, I know), J Carlson, and C Buckhater all I welcomed Wes Welker (nice to see you), D McFadden (please get more carries and stop fumbling), L Coles (you will be gone soon), and K Orton (don't make me look stupid) all to my team. Gave me some depth and another mediocre RB to play with.
Week 4 lineup-subject to change-Brady (BAL), J Jones (@IND), D McFadden (@HOU), C Johnson (@CHI), W Welker (BAL), T Heap (@NE), K Brown (OAK), and Chargers D/ST (@PIT)

Some Advice from the guy who is 1-2 and 2-1-Bye weeks start now with PHI, ARI, ATL, and CAR all out for this week. It is time to make sure your bench is ready for those bye week players. I goofed starting 3 WR's which you should never do unless they are all studs...J Jones should have been in my lineup...continue to play the matchups. Remember the Pats D is getting better, Indy can still be run on and D Freeney is out for awhile so start your guys against Indy. I'm back to not caring about Kickers (the way it should be) but I still really care about DEF/ST try 49ers against STL this week if they are still out there. Lastly try to sell high and buy low in trades...guys who are 0-3 are panicking right now...go after em.

Keep an eye on-I'll give you 4 guys...F Taylor (RB NE) the Pats will run a little more, K Boller (QB STL) seriously he's probably better the Bulger, P Garcon (WR Indy) he's fun to watch, and the obvious Glen Coffee (RB SFO) he is playing STL and ATL the next two weeks...god I wish Gore was here, but Coffee will be solid. Bonus guy-J Gaffney (WR DEN) I like him a lot

NEW FEATURE!!! (Bet on this, but don't get mad at me)-So I decided to throw in a few games worth betting as I see it. I'll give you 3 games I like, 3 stomach em bets, and 1 parlay.
Like em-Cincy -5.5 at Clev, Sea +9 at Colts, and Minn-3 against GB
3 if you can stomach em-(Det ML at CHI) if your gonna bet em do it moneyline Cutler is prone to turnovers and this Lions team isn't that bad, (SEA ML at IND) I like IND but not their run defense (and no D Freeney or B Sanders now) I don't see them stopping J Jones and the SEA pass attack...I don't care who is playing QB, and (NE ML against BAL) It is tough and this game will most likely be a pick em but I go Pats here...after all Rex Ryan is gone right?
1 Parlay take the over in Pats/Ravens game (44.5), take Cincy -5.5, and call me nuts but throw the Seahawks +9 on there, and see if that works.

Bonus Update (Fantasy Baseball) I have jumped to first in one league and I'm stuck in 2nd in the other...trying hard to hang on but the pitching is now out of my hands as my innings are all used up...I need some batting avg, and steals to hang on...when it's over I will break it down.

September 22, 2009

Fantasy Football Update #3 (week 2)

Phrase to remember of the week..."People can't handle the highs and lows"...from the great film Rounders, yeah ok so it was in reference of Poker, but really fantasy football and poker are not that different, sometimes you have a bunch of chips or fantasy points on your side, and other times you have next to none...but your still in the game. (A chip and a chair as they say)

So I'm not angry...I had a solid week 1 and they can't all be gems...however I know when you centerpiece two teams around one guy, and he has a bad week, well you should expect to lose both games and that is what happened here. Tom Brady (the one we trust in) was pushed around by a Rex Ryan coached defense and left hanging by a wandering about Joey Galloway who all too frequently decided to make a quick stop at Jack in Box or Wendy's while in mid-route...the Pats will be fine and Welker was Brady we still trust but will it be a high powered offense, and why don't they run the ball? Outside of Brady who really was my "fantasy goat" (from fantasy focus podcast on ESPN...a must listen) it was an encouraging week for my big trade in league 1...lets break it down.

Trade Alert-In this league (Pats) a 3-way trade was made...I shipped both Romo and LT out of town and landed 2 studs...Calvin Johnson WR and Frank Gore RB...The deal was made because Romo was just a piece I wanted to use to trade and nothing more, somebody called out for him and I used the opportunity to upgrade a spot where I was concerned...LT looked bad and my WR's where thin, so now I have a CJ and Gore both big upgrades that I hope give my team a little more balance.

Pats (League 1) 10 team, standard scoring (ESPN) 5 bench, 1 IR, Record 1-1 (tied 4th place)
QB-Tom Brady-6 Points, 216 ps yds, 1 INT...devastating line...a bounce back week is needed badly, and the very talented Falcons are coming to town.
RB-Cedric Benson-16 Points, 29 carries, 141 rush yards, 0 TD's....C-Ben showed up for me but didn't get in the end zone...he is a little banged up for this week...I would rate him as a definite start whenever the match up dictates.
RB-Thomas Jones-5 Points, 14 carries, 54 rush Yards, 0 TD's...T-Jones was not great and only 14 carries worries me especially in a game where they needed to hold the ball....the Patriot D did a nice j0b on him, but he still earned himself a spot on my bench this coming week against the Titans.
RB-Frank Gore-45 Points, 207 rush Yards, 39 rec yds, 2 TD' new acquisition made me forget all about LT...who was home washing his tights...if not for my opponent having Chris Johnson I would be jumping up and down celebrating Gore leading me to a victory in a week where Brady didn't show up...but not the case...still he is a welcome arrival to my team.
WR-Calvin Johnson-12 Points, 5 catches, 51 yards, 1 TD...7 targets is encouraging, Johnson is a top five receiver period...his numbers will get better as Stafford gets better.
TE-Jason Witten-9 Points, 5 catches, 33 yards, 1 TD...Witten was targeted 7 times and should have been targeted more, the coverage is tough on him and until the other guys on Dallas...yeah you Roy Williams step up, it may be tough getting big yards.
K-Josh Scobee-4 Points, 1/2 FGs, 2/2 XP's...playing Scobee a flat out mistake, I didn't spend enough time on it...this week I will upgrade.
D/ST-Patriots-9 Points, 16 Points allowed, 1 FR...well not spectacular...after the game I dropped the Pats for the Jets...they just don't have the value that they did when they were up big all the time.
Bench-My Bench was mediocre except for M Colston...I upgraded with a pickup of Ray Rice running me 6 Running backs heavy...but now with Calvin Johnson I have project, finding a QB.
Marques Colston-21 Points, 8 catches, 98 yards, 8 targets, 2 TD' that I drafted this guy.
J Jones-7 Points, 8 carries, 11 rush yards, 1 TD...he got banged up but I still like him.
S Slaton-5 Points, 17 carries, 34 rush yards, 3 catches, 25 rec yards, 0 TD's...still ugly
Chris Cooley-8 Points, 7 catches, 83 yards, 9 targets...he is their best receiver...they just don't get in the endzone, he is one of the most consistent TE's in the league.

Moves-So after the big trade somebody dropped Ray Rice for nothing, and I scooped him up, he faces Cleveland this week and may start for me, I ditched Scobee as Jacksonville sucks and gobbled up Kris Brown because I believe again in the Houston offense.

Dirty Dawgs (League 2) 10 somewhat standard scoring (CBS) 20 Bench, Record 1-1
QB-Tom Brady-0 Points, 216 ps yeah not good
RB-J Addai-0 Points, 32 rush yards...never a good sign when you go into the Monday night game needing Addai to get you 6...I learn the hard way.
RB-T Jones-0 Points, 54 rush 0 for 3 with my first three spots...T Jones was awful.
RB-C Williams-12 Points, 9 rush yards, 56 rec yards, 1 TD...awful week rushing, but the catches were a nice surprise.
WR-C Johnson-6 Points, 51 rec yards, 1 TD...again as Stafford gets better so will Johnson's numbers.
TE-T Gonzalez-12 Points, 71 rec yards, 1 TD...thus far my best fantasy player...not close.
K-O Mare-4 Points, 1 FG, 1 XP, better than Kris Brown last week but cost me a win...again have to do a better job here on these kickers.
DST-Eagles-5 Points, 48 Points allowed, 1 INT, 2 sacks, STY, wow 48 points allowed...that can't be good, still a very good fantasy defense.
Bench-Both Farve (12 Points) and David Garrard (22 Points), played better than Brady on my bench to add insult to injury and K Brown popped in the 10 Points I would have needed to win this week...adjustments will be made.

Moves-Well it's clear I desperately need a running back...and I continue to work on it. No moves yet though.

Some Advice from the guy who is 1-1 and 1-1-Again if you rely too much on one guy you have to eat the bad weeks, but there are small things that I could have done to help me out...starting K Brown who I was just mad at for the week 1 awfulness would have saved me, try not make bad decisions like I learned this past week they flat out cost you victories. I highly recommend watching runners who face Indy they have an awful run defense without Bob Sanders...this week for them is ARI if you own Hightower...start him. Continue to play the matchups, as the weeks go on we will more clearly see what defenses to avoid. Lastly work your whole roster...take the time to find the right kicker...I know I will.

Keep an eye on-L Robinson WR St Louis, Eddelman WR New England, Donald Brown RB Indy, and C Buckhalter...we were right on this guy last week and his diverse skills make him a threat again this week against a crappy Oakland team.

Good Luck to all in your respective Fantasy Football worlds, please comment often and help me bounce back from a tough week.

Bonus Update (Fantasy Baseball) It looks like worst case I will still redeem myself from my 8th place finish last year...I am currently out of first in both leagues by just a hair and I am fighting hard to get to the worst case is a top 3 or 4 finish in both 12 team points update will be the close of the season...wish me luck down the home stretch and pick up Pedro and T Hudson quick!!!

September 15, 2009

Fantasy Football Update #2 (Week 1)

Ok so all that work, all that studying...all the hype and um the Pats barely win in a game that looked fixed by the NFL...although that was a great hit on the kickoff return. Well week 1 didn't go quite as well as I had hoped but it was entertaining. I won in both my leagues, although I wasn't high score in either (2nd highest, and lowest winner). Some surprises, some disappointments, but all in all no major new flaws emerged on my teams that I wasn't already aware of. Let's break it down.

Pats (League 1) 10 team standard scoring (ESPN) 5 bench, 1 IR
QB-Tom Brady-27 Points, 378 ps yds, 1 INT, 2 TD's...Ok so 27 points will get it done, however boy did I sweat this one, he looked shaky, like he didn't want to get hit, and his arm was not in prime form. Had one INT but could have had 3. I think he gets better, the whole team looked like they needed another warm up game. I still trust in Brady.
RB-L Tomlinson-9 Points, 1 fumble, 1 TD, 56 total yards, 1 hurt ankle...yeah sounds like LT...why oh why did I feel confident about this guy and the other guy below :(
RB-S Slaton-2 Points, 1 fumble, 0 TD, 52 total yards, 1 disappointed fantasy owner...I think I jumped up and said wow when this guy was still on the board in the 3rd round at my draft...ok now I know why he was still there.
RB-T Jones-24 Points, 20 carries, 107 rush yards, 2 TD's...Loved him last year, have no concern this Rex Ryan will run and T Jones is the goal line back that's a win win. One of the best values out there, and so many passed him by.
WR-M Colston-9 Points, 3 catches, 30 yards, 1 TD...yeah they spread the ball a lot but I still like him as the number one...from the looks of it Brees will be throwing so many TD's spreading it around shouldn't be a concern.
TE-J Witten-7 Points, 5 catches, 71 yards, 0 TD' we can see the coverage he draws now without T.O., but with the emergence of both Austin and Crayton I think this will get better throughout the year...he was outscored by Cooley yes, but he is still my number 1.
K-J Carney-8 Points, 1/2 FGs, 6/6 XP's...he is not great but since they score so much he stays.
D/ST-Patriots-9 Points, 24 Points allowed, 1 FR...hmmm so Seymour to the Raiders huh...why am I having nightmares about the Red Sox trading away Jeff Bagwell...he will be missed and if Mayo is hurt this Def will be mediocre all year...bad news if you are a Patriots fan (yes I am) and if you own this defense.
Bench-My bench was on fire, which is good and bad...Bad-it shows I lacked confidence in starting guys I really liked (like J Jones who I have been screaming about but went with S Slaton instead) and Good-The talent I have should allow me to make a trade if need be to fix a like Defense.
T Romo-34 Points, 353 ps yds, 0 INT, 3 TD's...left game with an ankle, but should be a # 1 all year, so glad I have him to trade him.
J Jones-23 Points, 19 carries, 117 rush yards, 1 TD...Jones had a great start...I have said it since the start, he is sleeper, he will have at least 1000 yards, and at least 8 TD's.
C Benson-16 Points, 21 carries, 76 rush yards, 32 rec yards, 0 TD's...I think he is trade bait, or he could very well replace one of my two main guys (TL or SS)
D Hester-15 Points, 4 catches, 90 yards, 1 TD...I was impressed I picked him over Tory Holt so that looks like the right move so far, and Jay Cutler should get better.

Moves-So on draft day I traded McFadden and Berrian for Witten...I'm still Ok with that move. I dropped Hester for Holt, then picked up Hester again...this again looks to be working out so far as well. I sense a call for Romo will come but I'm in no rush just yet. I don't feel I have any major weaknesses right now.

Dirty Dawgs (League 2) 10 Somewhat standard (CBS) 20 bench
QB-Tom Brady-28 Points, 378 ps yds, 1, INT, 2 TD's
RB-J Addai-6 Points, 42 rush yards, 35 rec yards...well not that impressive but still the goal line back and still the #1...he will start for me for as long as he gets carries.
RB-T Jones-20 Points, 107 rush yards, 2 TD' em look above...what a great pick.
RB-J Jones-16 Points, 117 rush yards, 19 rec yards, 1 this league I started him and loved what I saw...he won't start every week for me but he is in for a nice year.
WR-C Johnson-2 Points, 90 rec yards, 0 TD's...well Stafford showed flashes and he is a stud...I still like him for 15 TD's.
TE-T Gonzalez-12 Points, 73 ps yds, 1 TD...fine performance I liked the Ryan/Gonzo chemistry...a top 4 TE for sure.
K-K Brown-1 Point, I whiffed on this whole team, I don't think it's Brown's fault per se but I won't start him next week.
DST-Chargers-4 Points, 20 Points allowed, 2 INT's, 1 DFR...not awful but expected a DEF TD or Spec Teams TD...I still think they are fine...and from the looks of that offense they will have to get better.
Bench-My bench didn't have too many standouts which is Ok with me for now, I will say that there was no way I was going to go with J Carlson over Tony Gonzalez...however my hate for Jake Delhomme shoulda convinced me to go with Eagles bench includes, B Farve, D Garrard, D Brown, J Davis, M Lynch, C Williams, B Berrian, A Boldin, J Carlson, T Heap, O Mare, and Eagles D...Boldin wasn't healthy so a good sit there, and with any luck M Lynch will come back strong, but right now that doesn't look good with F Jackson's performance against the Patriots.

Moves-So I have dangled Boldin, Carlson, and the Addai/Brown combo quite a bit, but so far no takers...I did pick up James Davis, and Todd Heap dropping N Washington and Greg Jones...also dropped C Williams, then swiftly picked him back up when he was named as the starter.

Some Advice from the guy who is 1-0 and 1-0- Ok so no need to panic unless you own Mcnabb, I wouldn't sweat Slaton, LT, M Schaub, R Brown just yet...and I would suggest to trade with caution at present week is just not a big enough sample to give up on somebody...even L Johnson who I like this next week against Oakland. It is worth mentioning that M Barber, T Jones, B Jacobs, and even J Jones all had at least 15 carries so we can all relax on their workloads. I think Frank Gore is still mediocre but will score 15 TD's and I like Portis who really hasn't gotten the respect he deserves. Play your match ups and as always don't be gunshy when it comes to benching big I should have Benched S Slaton...I need to read my own blog.

Keep and eye on-The obvious: F Jackson, W McGahee, and D McFadden. The not so obvious: Devery Henderson, Ben Watson, and C Buckhalter.

Good luck to all in your respective Fantasy Football worlds and as always comment often and let me know what I am wrong about...I am always looking for advice myself.

September 10, 2009

Football Prediction Update (last one before season)

Ok so maybe I did my Football Preview 2009 a tad early...who knew Farve would go the Vikings (um everyone) and how did Vick go the Eagles (though I still have them 11-5). Some switches were made...yes, yes the Broncos winning the division does seem silly now...Chargers back on top...also threw the Bengals and Falcons into the playoffs and stole the Cowboy playoff win away :( My super bowl remains however in tact...Pats vs Saints. Scroll down and take a look.

I stand by these picks...feel free to rub it in when it becomes clear I do not know what I'm doing.

Also Movie News: I'll be doing a group DVD review before this weekends football games to get the word out on some Independent films and some slightly dated DVD's. To the best of my knowledge the Halloween 2 review is still to come.

September 4, 2009

Fantasy Football Update #1 (Draft Special)

Two Teams I say!! The Perfect number of fantasy teams in all sports...yes yes even football is two teams! Stop you crazy person with the ten teams and sixty different starting players that you have to root for. Two...Two!! Two teams, maybe two strategies, and not so many players that you find yourself standing and yelling no! no! to a Trent Edwards fumble...but yes! yes! to the subsequent Mario Williams fumble recovery....Three is fine, four you are starting to neglect your family, and five or more...well unless you work for ESPN then someone whose service of something you provide is being severally undercut. Now two that is perfect. Pats (League one) and Dirty Dawgs (League two) These two teams are the ones I will be chronicling on my blog. Both leagues are ten team leagues and both leagues allow one carry over keeper. The scoring is slightly different in the leagues, however nothing major (like no points per catch PPR) so for the sake of simplicity we will say that they are standard scoring. Alright the drafts have passed and it's time to break it down. ARE YOU READY FOR SOME...well you get the idea.

Pats (League 1) (keep in mind some players were kept so if I didn't pick them they were gone)

Keeper-Tom Brady-Who else he is on a loaded offense and if Albert Haynesworth wasn't such a fan of the Baconater at Wendy's his shoulder wouldn't even be discussed.
Round 1-(pk 7)L Tomlinson-I'm ok with this at 7, he should be good and have a very solid season...I don't know about all this bounce back talk he was still very solid last year and I if get that, then I have no issues.
Round 2-Steve Slaton-Going against my idea of three wideouts instead of three RB's in most weeks is an adjustment you have to make on the fly when a guy like this is still on the board, by taking him I know my receivers will be thin, but I couldn't say no to the idea of putting out these two backs together for most weeks.
Round 3-Marques Colston-I needed him, he was the best on the board and in an offense that throws like crazy he is a very solid number#1.
Round 4-Thomas Jones-I like the T-train a lot more than most, however I know his production from last year will drop off a bit.
Round-5-Tony Romo-Don't ask why now, ask why later when I trade him for someone I need.
Round-6-Darren McFadden-It was odd that I went running back crazy in this draft but I atone for it later. (the Witten trade)
Next 3 picks-Bernard Berrian, Chris Cooley, and Julius Jones (love sleeper)

In this league we only carry 5 bench spots so there is plenty of talent out there.
Draft Aftermath-Draft ends and I love my team except the thing I preach most about (Only a few good tight ends) and I get only Cooley...I get nervous search the waiver wire and find C Benson (to replace McFadden) I trade B Berrian and Darrren McFadden for Jason Witten...a sigh of relief.
Final Result-Tom Brady, Tony Romo QB L Tomlinson, Thomas Jones, Steve Slaton, Cedric Benson, Julius Jones RB Maques Colston, Devin Hester WR Jasson Witten, Chris Cooley TE Pats DEF and John Carney K
Thoughts right now-Well I am going with the RB's it looks like and with the depth at both QB and TE I feel fine if Colston goes down, I should be able to get a WR back in a trade. I love this team and think I can survive with 3 RB's in my weekly lineup even in today's committee running back league.

Dirty Dawgs (League 2)

Keeper-Calvin Johnson-Stud I don't care who is throwing to him.
Round 1-(pk 1 via trade) Tom Brady-Well I keep it simple having the same guy lead my two teams, I love him as a QB would be shocked if he didn't end up in top two for the year.
Round 2-A Boldin-Is he a number one type WR?...I hope so.
Round 3-no pick traded it away for 7th so I could get to number 1 (I am a 8 a snake draft)
Round 4-Thomas Jones-Is he a number 1 RB in any, but at this juncture you have to take the best on board...on my board he was the best...I passed on McFadden.
Round 5-Joseph Addai-Wow things are not going well...
Round 6-Tony Gonzalez-So he was somehow still here even through 5 other tight end picks...seriously five TE's were taken before him...wait a sec draft is looking up again...(TG the savior)
Round 7-Marshawn Lynch-Ok Ok I lose him for a bit...but still feel he is a mid number two guy...I can make this work
Round 8-B Berrian-love him on this team with Farve throwing to him ...legitimately will start maybe 6 times if I keep him.
Round 9-Julius Jones-I was panicking about all my backs...I hear his name being thrown out...I wanted my sleeper...and on this team I needed I took maybe a round too early...come through for me Notre Dame alum.
Next 3 picks-Eagles Def, Bret Farve, John Carlson

In this league we carry 12 bench um less talent out there...I scout like 25 players.
Draft Aftermath-Draft ends and I feel like I may have blown it...I head to the bar for a jack and Coke...I see no trade possibility at present time.
Final Result-Tom Brady, Bret Farve, David Garrard QB Thomas Jones, Julius Jones, Marshawn Lynch, Joseph Addai, Donald Brown, James Davis, Greg Jones RB Calvin Johnson, Anquan Boldin, Bernard Berrian, Nat Washington WR Tony Gonzalez, John Carlson TE Eagles, Chargers DEF Seattle, Houston K
Thoughts right now-Well the more I look at this team, the more I like this team that drove me to drink on draft day (however that could just be that it's over now and I have to talk myself into it). It does have high upside and the idea of putting out Johnson and Boldin is a good one. I expect to trade a few guys, and I hope that Jones and Jones really come through for me. Addai and Donald Brown could be good...I guess I just have to hold my breath...given what I gave up to get Brady I am confident I can make the playoffs...and most of my players have soft playoff schedules. (note in this league 2 divisions and all but last place team make playoffs...I should be Ok).

So that is how it went season for both these teams rides on one man...Tom Brady...and I gotta tell yeah...that's the guy I would want it to ride on :) Good luck to all and updates should be done by Tuesday...Wednesday the latest...always open to advice and criticism.

September 2, 2009

Movie Review #18 Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds (2009) Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz Directed By Quentin Tarantino

I don't think anyone deserves to get Quentino Tarantino'ed more than Adolf Hitler. In Basterds Tarantino throws out the history books and tells it (WWII) the way he gotta problem with that? If you said no then you will love "The Basterds" stomping through France killing Nazis. When Tarantino makes a film he takes his influences and "Super-Sizes" them to give the viewer a truly one of kind experience. Sometimes I have a hard time with these influences (Kill Bill, Death Proof), other times its Oscar-worthy (Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction). In Basterds we see a lot of "Spaghetti-Western" (and yes Prof. La Chappelle...I remember your course). The music and editing all fit nicely into that genre (like the Dirty Dozen went to Germany to face The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...and um Nazi's). I don't think in this case he overdoes it, however there is a flaw I would mention, in the first 10 or 20 minutes we see excellent pace and good strong editing and that seems to wane off as the film goes on. I think to tell the story he wanted to tell he had to sacrifice some of his style...which is fine, but at a 150 plus minutes...I actually felt like there was some story missing (which at times should be more important than style right?). I wanted to see a little more of "The Basterds" and a little more plot explanation. It is hard to pick on a guy like Tarantino but there are some scenes that carried on a bit long, and some characters that could have gotten a touch less screen time, so we could see just a tad more Nazi ass-kicking right? Well I'm no film maker but to me that was the difference between this being an 8.0 or a 7.5.
Basterds tells the story of a Jewish-American WWII unit called "The Basterds". Their mission is to kick Nazi ass and spread fear throughout Nazi occupied France. This Unit is led by Lt. Aldo Raine (a very heavy accented Brad Pitt who seems to have a lot of fun with the part). The Unit Consists of several interesting characters that I really wanted to see more of (Eli Roth Sgt. Donny Donowitz and Til Schweiger Sgt. Hugo Stiglitz are the two best) ...but nonetheless they are all cool and crazy fun to watch. They are being hunted down by the scene stealing Col. Hans Landa (Christoph Waltz), it is his character that really paces the story. Diane Kruger also steals scenes as a German actress serving as a double agent. Since it isn't based on fact I won't give too much away, however I will say that if you are tickled with the idea of Joseph Goebbels and Hitler getting their ass-kicked then my guess is you won't be disappointed.

(The Shawshank Scale 1-10) Um the Dirty Dozen meets up with the Unit from Private Ryan, while they search for the suitcase from Pulp Fiction...and when you open the suitcase you find a bunch of Nazi's??? Maybe I shouldn't even try, how about a very good 7.5 on the scale putting it in the top five of the year so far. (500 days of summer, The Hurt Locker, Star Trek, Inglourious Basterds so far if you are keeping score).

Food for thought: I enjoyed a nice big fat bucket of popcorn, and had a soda...what else for a kick ass war film?? However just before had a Dunkin Donuts Vanilla coffee iced medium I fought through the film trying hard not to think of how much I had to pee...and I held back thank you very much. Up next for Tarantino is Come Drink With Me and Faster Pussycat, Kill Kill...details are slim but great titles. Pitt continues to sharpen his acting resume as he works with Terrence Malick and Sean Penn on The Tree of Life set in the 50' as well as a comedy (Oobermind) with Will Ferrell (yeah that's right) about a superhero who has lost his oomph??