November 19, 2010

Week 13 BYE for the Blog...but heres a mini update!

No Picks this week as we lick our wounds from another 0-3 underdog week...the rest of the picks went fine and I nailed my two college picks, but as always when you have a tough week it's always good to hold your roll and observe for a week. A 139-88 strong victory leaves me in a tie for first at's gonna be a photo finish in my CBS league. Update returns next week!

Good luck to all in Fantasy and Reality!

November 12, 2010

Fantasy Football Update #9 2010 (Week 10)

Fantasy Football Update #9 (Week 10) and My Picks

I didn’t pass 90 points again in week 9, but 85 was good enough to beat a 56 effort from my opponent. With the majority of my BYE players finished I just have to hope for health and this thing will go as planned. I face the only team ahead of me in the standings in week 10 as my 7-2 Dawgs face off against the 8-1 Boston Ball Breakers for first place. I love it when it gets exciting.

Week 10 lineup (subject to change)-QB Tom Brady, RB Ray Rice, RB Knowshon Moreno, WR Roddy White, Jeremy Maclin, TE Brandon Pettigrew, Dan Carpenter, and The Eagles D/ST (though I have an active claim for Tampa Bay out there currently).

Bet on this, but don’t get mad at me-(Week 10)

2009 stats-66% on the Like em bets, 26% on the 3 If you can stomach em underdog picks, and 58% on the Parlay to try picks.

2010 stats-53% (12 for 23) on the Like em bets, 42% (10 for 24) on the 3 If you can stomach em bets, and 64% (16 for 25) on the Parlay to try picks.

It’s never easy to lose your centerpiece game (NWE -4 ½ @ CLE), but we still went 2 out of 3 in the Like em picks and salvaged some of our week 9 roll. The NFL lacks a rock solid great team, but we could use this new “Any Given Sunday” NFL to our advantage, let’s look for some value.

Like em-I’m locking in Over 44 in the DET @ BUF, these two teams can score, and I don’t think the Lions lose a lot whole of firepower with Shaun Hill at QB. I’m in the Brett Favre camp now that he has become the head coach of the Vikings and starts a streak that puts them back in contention…take old man Favre and MIN -1 @ CHI and look for turnovers to make that game go real ugly, but help it go Over that 40 ½ number. Lastly I really like TEN -1 ½ @ MIA, I think without Parcells around, that team loses a bit of its common sense, benching Henne won’t solve the problems of that team, it needs to run more and hold the ball longer to protect its defensive issues. The fins thoughts on making the playoffs will end this week.

3 If you can stomach em-0 for 3 last week and even our bonus pick let us down, that’s ok we bet and learn so that means we have to get off the Dolphins bandwagon…is there any room on the Browns wagon? Week 10, I know the Bills are due to win there first game, and by no means do I think they are the worst team in football…that said I highly doubt that defense will hold the Lions down, even in Buffalo…I like DET +ML @ BUF. It is hard to admit when your wrong sometimes, but I was wrong about overlooking a streaking Browns team, they won’t be able to run against the Jets, but they won’t have to with Colt McCoy vying to show all the scouts why he is better than the overrated Mark Sanchise…this kid is a player and I love it when guys have chips on their shoulder. Take CLE +ML vs. NYJ this week. Lastly take lowly ARI +ML vs. SEA and hold your breath, SEA has obviously gotten tired of the Pete Carroll rah rah rah stuff and is now looking around and wondering where all the talent is, and even though ARI is awful SEA certainly can’t be a road team that is favored yet…they just don’t deserve that. (Look people who know me and are going to scream that I won’t put the Pats in here as they are a 4 ½ point underdog @ PIT…all I can say I am a fan of them, I will most likely play it myself…but watching last week I can’t suggest to you that you should.)

Parlay to try-I’ll take Over 45 with DAL @ NYG and give Jason Garrett a chance to get some offense, though I don’t know how he will do it…shouldn’t matter as the Giants are good for 30+ on their own. Take MIN +ML @ CHI as I’m not worried about this game at all for some reason. Lastly put on Over 42 in the PHI @ WAS game on Monday night, it is the right number but I’m an optimist and can see good things happening to make your parlay a winner if you get this far (but hedge if it’s worth it!)

2 to win in College Football-(3-3-1 in 2010)-We return to college football with a couple of picks I really like this week. Take Boston College -3 @ Duke, as BC has really started to play more responsible football and is looking to salvage a 500% record. Another road play that shouldn’t scare you is BYU -7 @ Colorado State, BYU won’t be that far from home and they travel well, they should cover easy. Don’t even think about betting Notre Dame +6 and try to avoid donating money to the Penn St. @ Ohio St. game. Let’s see if we can get back on track.

Results will be posted after Week 10

Good Luck in all Fantasy and Reality!

November 7, 2010

Fantasy Football Update #8 2010 (Week 9)

Fantasy Football Update #8 and My Picks

I escaped week 8 with a 81 to 55 win, but my 6-2 record has a twinge of luck to it as I know 81 won’t get me wins very often. With Roddy White back I hope to go north of 100 again…though the latest on Antonio Gates has me worried again.

Week 9 lineup (subject to change)-QB Tom Brady, RB Ray Rice, WR Roddy White, Jeremy Maclin, WR Johnny Knox, TE Brandon Pettigrew (but I still hope Gates), Dan Carpenter (how bout this guy 2 weeks with 5 Field Goals), and The Saints D/ST.

I feel much better this week especially since my competition is rolling with Matty “ICE” Ryan who throws to my guy Roddy White, but without Gates who really is Mr. Consistent I know there is a chance I lose.

Bet on this, but don’t get mad at me-(Week 9)

2009 stats-66% on the Like em bets, 26% on the 3 If you can stomach em underdog picks, and 58% on the Parlay to try picks.

2010 stats-55% (11 for 20) on the Like em bets, 47% (10 for 21) on the 3 If you can stomach em bets, and 63% (14 for 22) on the Parlay to try picks.

If you went with my Like em’s you went 2 out 3 and made some cash, if you rolled with my Stomach em picks you might have done a little better than even, and if you rolled with my Parlay you are justifiably mad at me. Let’s try to learn from our mistakes and get back to winning on all fronts.

Like em-They are still flawed but N.O. should cover the -7 @ CAR as Carolina is just waiting for their new coach, and their current coach is waiting for Wade Phillips to leave the Cowboys. I like Over 45 in the TAM @ ATL game as I expect an exciting 4th quarter in that game. Lastly the Vegas money smells an upset in Cleveland, but the Vegas money isn’t right all the time, take NWE – 4 ½ @ CLE.

3 If you can stomach em-Only 1 out of 3 in week 8 should give me pause, but after crunching the numbers I just can’t stop myself…this is a great week for the mighty upset, so grab your roll and take some sharp calculated chances. Starting with MIA +185 @ BAL, look this is my least favorite but the value is right and everyone knows -5 is the “Vegas zone” (and if you don’t already you should be listening to the B.S. Report) which basically means Vegas trusts BAL about as far as they can throw them. The next two are a tad crazy but if you want to play Hold Em you gotta roll with the Highs and Lows, Take DET +185 vs. NYJ and then get even nuttier by taking SEA +260! Vs. NYG…one of these home dogs has to turn out. Lastly, and don’t laugh…take DAL +275 @ GNB…yeah I know I’m nuts, but something tells me Dallas actually shocks the Pack for one of their few wins this season.

Parlay to try-Take NWE – 4 ½ @ CLE, then take Over 46 ½ in TNDY @ PHI game, and then lastly go with the old man…and um Derek Anderson? Take Over 42 in the ARI @ MIN game.

2 to win in College Football-(3-3-1 in 2010)-Ok so we have a very mediocre college record so far so I am going to take this week off so I can re-assess the College landscape and come back firing!

Results will be posted after Week 9

Good Luck in all Fantasy and Reality!

November 3, 2010

DVD Review #47 (Get Him to the Greek 2010)

Get Him to the Greek (2010) Russell Brand, Jonah Hill Directed By Nicholas Stoller

Some movies are exactly as advertised and some movies go places that you might never expect…Oddly Get Him to the Greek was advertised as a raunch out comedy full of sex and drugs…but it doesn’t take all that long to figure out that this film written by Nicholas Stoller & Jason Segal (both from the Apatow tree that brought us the genius that is Superbad) is much more than just a straight comedy, it actually has a few messages that are surprisingly poignant and shockingly kinda touching. Unfortunately those moments feel pretty out of place in this film. Unlike Knocked Up or Superbad where those moments fit in seamlessly, Get Him to the Greek just takes sharp turns that aren’t meant to be funny and they take you by surprise in a downer way. Though I did appreciate where the film went, it frankly just didn’t fit quite right…sometimes random works, but mix random with raunch and heavy, things just get convoluted and nonsensical. All that said Russell Brand does a nice job with his popular Aldous Snow character (made famous in Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and Jonah Hill makes you laugh. I wouldn’t run to the Redbox or anything, but if your favorite show is on reruns this week, why not rent Get Him to the Greek for some laughs.

Get Him to the Greek is the continuing story of rocker Aldous Snow (played perfectly by Russell brand) who after a tragic fall from stardom (with an awesomely racist song called African Child) is convinced to do an anniversary concert at the Greek Theater. Tasked with picking up drunk, drug addicted, and generally unruly Aldous from his London home and bringing him to L.A. is Aaron green (played well by Jonah Hill). As you may imagine things like making flight times and being sober are not in the cards for a rocker, so getting him from one place to another ends up being a pretty hilarious task. There are lots of cameos that will keep you entertained along the ride to include a funny performance from P Diddy and a sweet little role for Mad Men’s own Elisabeth Moss (as Aaron’s Girlfriend who greenlights a threesome!). The movie though funny, does stray from straight comedy as it touches on some serious issues and even may get some emotion out of you (though not many of you, most of you will ask “why did this stop being funny?”. It all just felt a bit messy though in the end, and the original music was less than awesome. Get Him to the Greek isn’t a standout comedy, but it does the job and contains some funny memorable lines that you will take with you. Watch it but don’t rush.

(The Shawshank Scale 1-10) I will give a solid 6.0 on the Shawshank Scale for being both funny and unpredictable…but in the end I did want a bit more funny…right then, cheerio. (Man I miss the British accent in my daily life).