January 29, 2020

Academy Awards 2019 Plus my 1917 and Up in the Air Talking Flick Podcast Appearances!



After a year off, and let’s face it, a mediocre 2018 movie year, I’m BACK and you can’t keep me down (Shouts Producer Rian). Movies are in a weird place, I thought we would rebound from a lackluster 2017, but as streaming services and TV started to change, movies had to follow. Now I look back at 2017 (Great films like Get Out, 3 Billboards, and I, Tonya) I wonder; will that be the last really strong film year ever? Netflix is well represented at this year’s Oscars (Some deserved, some not much), and even as early as 2 years ago, that seemed unthinkable. People are watching films differently and frankly if the choice has come down to "existing IP blockbusters" or "stream it", movie theaters are in big, big trouble.

2019 had some great films like Ford v Ferrari and JoJo Rabbit, some gut wrenching films like Marriage Story and 1917, and some messy and derivative stuff like Joker or Terminator: Dark Fate (Yup you too Rise of Skywalker), so though I would argue 2019 was a better year in film than 2018, I still feel a little empty about the year in film as a whole (Note: I still have a few films to watch). But the Oscars are a celebration of what was good, not disappointing so without further or do here are my official Oscar predictions of 2019

(Note: I have not yet seen Little WomenThe Lighthouse, Richard Jewell, and Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


BEST PICTURE: What will win-1917 (I think). Seasoned Director Sam Mendes (smartly setting aside Bond films) makes maybe the Best WWI film ever, a truly impactful film that takes you on a journey. He gets a HUGE assist from possibly the greatest cinematographer of all time, but no shame there, still a worthy a Best Pic. 

What should win-Ford V Ferrari (Shouts JoJo Rabbit), James Mangold following Mende’s lead (setting aside Wolverine pics) as he takes on corporate culture and Italians in a classic Hollywood film that in today’s cinema climate is incredibly refreshing. The sound mixing and editing should get wins, but honestly I think it deserves the big prize.

BEST DIRECTOR: Who will win- Bong Joon Ho or Quentin Tarantino, maybe it’s just me but if it’s Tarantino as a lifetime achievement thing I’m against it, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is not his best film, nor it is in his top 3. Joon Ho's Parasite is a truly unique vision that will stay with you, I would not be angry if he wins.

Who should win-Taiki Waititi, I mean Mendes is worthy but honestly Waititi made a WWII film about a kid whose imaginary friend is Hitler…fucking Hitler! BTW it is good, and even though it doesn’t totally work, it has emotional moments that will stay with you, and comedic moments that truly shine.

BEST ACTOR: Who will win-Joaquin Phoenix, is he good in the Joker? Yes. Is it a good film? Not really. He carries the film, but I don’t think it's worth more than a nomination...at best. 

Who should win- Jonathan Pryce or Adam Driver (Shouts Matt Damon), Both Pryce and Driver give career performances and embody the characters they play in ways I wasn’t sure either actor was capable of. Pryce outshines a tremendous Anthony Hopkins performance (which is saying a lot) and Driver in the same year he finally ended this Kylo Ren nonsense, gives us perhaps the year’s most human performance. 

BEST ACTRESS: Who will win-Renee Zellweger (Shouts Charlize Theron), she absolutely kills it as Judy Garland in an otherwise mediocre film, she gives that film life and makes it memorable through her sheer tour de force performance. 

Who should win-Renee Zellweger, I mean just watch it, then let’s argue. 

BEST SUPPORTING’S: Who will win-Laura Dern and Brad Pitt, Laura Dern’s turn as a divorce lawyer was downright scary, sent chills down my spine. Tarantino owns this category (just ask Christoph Waltz), I think his film was a tad long and again needed to be edited, but every second Pitt is on screen he owns it. I want a Cliff Booth miniseries! 

Who should win-They both deserve it here but I will not be upset if Scarlett Johansson, Joe Pesci, or Anthony Hopkins win, all three are worthy performances.


ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Will win-Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood clever and interesting, but also tired and long, I enjoyed it, but don’t believe it should be here.

Who should win-I think Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story is worthy, what a touching and earnest story, maybe the actors elevated the material, but I still think it was beautifully written. 

Will win-Joker which if I am right is utterly outrageous, it is a derivative hodgepodge of much better films! 

Who should win-JoJo Rabbit or The Two Popes, look this may be the best category of the night and I think even The Irishman deserves to be here, but few film characters made me happier this year than imaginary Hitler and two old grumpy Popes bickering. 

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Will win-1917 and I am not going to argue the genius that is Roger Deakins! (How was Parasite not nominated here?) 

Quick Picks:

Original Score-1917 (Shouts to The Rise of Skywalker)
Original Song-Stand Up (Shouts to Into the Unknown)
Costume Design-Little Women (Shouts to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)
Animated Feature-I Lost My Body (Shouts to Toy Story 4)
Sound Editing-Ford v Ferrari (Shouts to 1917)
Production Design-1917 (Shouts to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)
Visual Effects-Avengers: Endgame (Shouts to 1917)


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