February 28, 2016

The Academy Awards 2015



The Academy awards will just not learn from their past, they ripped off Fruitvale Station and Selma in previous years, and now Will Smith, Idris Elba, Michael B Jordan, Tessa Thompson, Benicio Del Toro, and the everyone involved in Straight Outta Compton. A Change is gonna come!

I think there will be a few upsets tonight and I'm not alone...The Revenant fans may go home mad.

Let’s break it down.


BEST PICTURE: What will win-Spotlight, Look I know I know Leo and the Bear, yadda yadda yadda. The Revenant is a good film, shot beautifully and well acted, but for my money I'll take the sharpest Newsrom Procedural since All The Presidents Men. What should win-Spotlight but shout out to The Big Short and Steve Jobs, two films I loved and I would not be upset if The Martian won, most fun I had a film not named Star Wars all year.

BEST DIRECTOR: Who will win-George Miller who against all odds created a beautiful and sharp Mad Max movie, that really wasn't even about Mad Max...it was about someone way cooler!Who should win-I think maybe Inarritu from The Revanant but I don't believe they will give him back to back, I thought Ridley Scott deserved a bit more love for his fun Martian Film and Adam McKay for The Big Short did a great job. Shout out to Ryan Coogler who made the Best Rocky Film since Rocky and who in 2009 should've been nominated if not won for Fruitvale Station.

BEST ACTOR: Who will win-Seems to be Leonardo DiCaprio who really shouldn’t, though his gritty performance is good it isn't very rewatatchable and he barely talks (anyone think Tom Hardy is the lead is this film?). Who should win-Matt Damon, that movie doesn't work without him period (Leo could not make that film work like it does). David Oyelowo got jipped last year and this year Michael B. Jordan , Michael Keaton, and maybe Will Smith all get pushed aside for another unnecassary Eddie Redmayne Nomination (I don't get the love for this guy).

BEST ACTRESS: Who will win-Brie Larson, lock it up but I can’t comment as I have not seen Room (yet, I will get to it). Who should win-Charlize Theron for Mad Max, look that movie isn't for me, I didn't love it (6.0 on Shawshank Scale and out of my top ten of the year) but she is a force and drives that crazy film. Tessa Thompson in Creed is awesome! (Just thought I would say that, she probably was a supporting actress, but I loved her and that character in Creed). I think it says something about me and more importantly Hollywood that I haven't seen 3 of the 5 films in this category. (I have heard great things about 45 years)

BEST SUPPORTING’S: Who will win-Stallone and Kate Winslet. I loved Stallone's performance and frankly this is the Best Category of the night for both Male and Female, these are all great performances. Vikander seems to be the frontrunner and she was good and the hero of that story (though I liked her better in Ex Machina). I just liked Winslet's role in Steve Jobs, he was such a robot as a character, he needed Winslet to make him human and she nails it.  Who should win-You know Stallone I'm ok with in a packed field (So he really earns it), though Bale and Hardy both crush. Jason Leigh (again in a film that wasn't for me) really has to endure a lot, if we are giving Best Actor to Leo for the same thing, why not award a great actress here? Shout out Vikander Ex Machina style and Benicio Del Toro anyone? He crushes Sicario!


ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Will win-Spotlight, Should win-Yea Spotlight, expertly written but shout out Ex Machina.

Will win-The Big Short Should win-The Big Short, like Moneyball, how great is it that you take a relativly boring subject and make it so fun. Big shout out to Steve Jobs though, I thought Sorkin nailed what he was trying to do (it is this year's Moneyball, a great father daughter story).

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Will win-The Revenant, and yes it should win but shout out Mad Max and Sicario.

Ok Chris Rock this is your time, no mercy!