October 30, 2009

Fantasy Football Update #6 (week 7)

Alright the quote of the week is "Win as if you were used to it, lose as if you enjoyed it for a change", by the American Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson...(and yes people I am quoting Ralph Waldo Emerson in a fantasy football blog-post...deal with it!) I am going to try hard not cry too much about how tough it is to swallow some of the losses I have had this year in League 1. I have a ton of points and though time is running out for my team to make a playoff push, I still have hope that things will balance out over the long haul. It's not all bad as I win in League 2 and continue to get on stride. As the bye weeks continue to annoy us all, we must stay on top of roster moves and pick ups, or we can wave goodbye to playoff hopes. (P.S. love that I nailed the Cardinal upset over the exposed Giants defense!) Let's break it down.

Pats (League 1) 10 team, standard scoring (ESPN) Record 2-5 (8th) Points 730 (2nd)
I was the third highest scorer of the week...but like the common theme of the year, I faced the second highest scorer of the week, I Lost 120-125.
QB-Brady-28 Points, 308 ps yds, 3 TD's...I needed one more TD, Tom
RB-C Benson-26 Points, 189 rush yards, 1 TD...wow what a year he is having
RB-S Slaton-18 Points 67 rush yards, 22 rec yds, 2 tot TD's...he is a threat every game
RB-F Gore-4 Points, 32 rush yards, 15 ps yds...maybe needed one more week to heal
WR-M Colston-13 Points, 72 rec yds, 1 TD...he doesn't drop that TD I win the week :(
TE-J Witten-5 Points, 53 rec yds...one more week like this and I have to call him a bust
K-M Stover-6 Points, 6/6 XP's...I thought I would get at least one field goal?
DEF-Patriots-20 Points, 1 TD, 3 INT's, 3 sacks, 7 points allowed...yeah two bad teams in a row, but this defense looks sharp.
Bench-Lots of bye weeks for my bench, the sad news is if I had started M Lynch (10 Points) I would have won the week, but it is hard not to start a guy like F Gore. J Jones, C Johnson, K Smith, and M Hasselbeck all on byes.
Moves-I'm not giving up on him but I needed the roster spot, so J Jones took a hike for the Bears DEF who has a nice matchup this week (CLE), also ditched the Matt (I only kick f-ing xtra points) Stover for the less aggravating John Carney. This is a must win week for me and my starting QB is the Boston boy Hasselbeck...please please do well!!
Week 8 lineup-subject to change-M Hasselbeck (@DAL), K Smith (STL), S Slaton (@BUF), F Gore (@IND), M Colston (ATL), J Witten (SEA), J Carney (ATL), Bears D/ST (CLE)

Dirty Dawgs(League 2) 10 team, non-standard scoring (CBS), Record 4-3 (2nd) Points 521 (2nd) Week 7, We won 106-39 (week high 2nd week in a row)
QB-Brady-30 Points, 3 TD's...I'm not getting made fun as much these days for my #1 pick
RB-C Benson-20 Points, 1 TD, 189 rush yards...wow he really was pissed at the Bears!
RB-T Jones-14 Points, 121 rush yards, 1 TD...Drafted as my #1 RB...it is working out fine
WR-W Welker-14 Points, 107 rec yds, 1 TD...Brady and Welker, the safest duo in the league
WR-S Breaston-0 Points, 23 rec yds...expected Boldin to be out
TE-T Gonzalez-3 Points, 37 rec yds...I'm a little concerned...just a little though
K-K Brown-7 Points, 1/1 FG's, 3/3 XP's...whatever he's a kicker
DST-Eagles-18 Points, 1 TD, 6 sacks, 1 INT...stud defense, even without Dawkins
Bench-Again in this league the bench is much deeper, really only Favre (12 points), Lynch (6 points), and the Chargers D/ST (15 points) did anything...most others on the bye. Big week ahead as I lose Welker and Brady to the bye...rooting for Favre magic in Green Bay :)
Moves-Only recent move was picking up Breaston and dropping N Washington, now Breaston is banged up so I am looking at T Holt and possibly others. I have actively been shopping K Orton and Favre to add some depth to my bench.
Week 8 lineup-subject to change-Favre (@GNB), T Jones (MIA), M Lynch (HOU), B Marshall (@BAL), S Breaston (CAR), T Gonzo (@NOR), K Brown (@BUF), Chargers D/ST (OAK)

Some Advice from the guy who is 2-5 and 4-3-It is never to early to start managing your bye weeks, you don't want to make frantic moves just to cover your byes weeks, but thinking ahead is the name of the game. I drafted Favre for this one game in Green Bay...now I hope it works out. Continue to play matchups especially with your DEF, I hate the Bears DEF this year, however against CLE you have to expect turnovers. Young guys are starting to emerge as legit so keep your eyes open and grab those guys who continue to be hot. I will also say that after this week if you have guys who are just flat out not producing (a la LT or J Witten) it might be time to give in and sell low...but give them this week, both with good matchups.

Keep and eye on-Well in my Football 2009 preview (August posting) I claimed that Alex Smith would start before the year is out...here he is and he looks sharp...trust me I am stuck watching Mountain West Football...he was good in college and he will stay the QB from now on. He and Crabtree are going to be a great duo next year and will be solid the rest of this year. I'm sure by now you have heard that L Johnson is a scumbag (shocker) so go out and grab both J Charles and K Smith for K.C. and look for one of those two guys to emerge quickly. And not because I would grab him, but just because I quietly root for him, V Young may in fact be the QB for the Titans the rest of the year. His Fantasy value isn't great...but in 2 QB leagues he may be someone to take a flier on.

Bet on this! (just don't get mad at me)-We had a nice week 7. Like em stats 5/7 covers for year, 3 if you can stomach em stats 2/6 ML dogs have been caught this year, and parlay for the week stats 4/6 in picks for year.
Like em-CHI (-13.5) vs CLE, HOU (-3.5) @ BUF, and DET (-4) vs STL.
3 if you can stomach em-SEA ML @DAL (yeah crazy, but off the bye the Seahawks always play well, though this is on the road so it is scary). JAC ML @ TEN (why not they should still be able to throw all day on that secondary), and finally CAR ML @ ARI...well Warner is old right? I hope you catch one and although none of these games have me as confident as I was with that ARI over NYG last week...I stand by JAC the most, though it will pay the least.
1 Parlay-Take the over in the Favre superbowl (cause it will be great rooting for points 45), HOU (-3) @ BUF, and give the points in a bounce back week in CHI town (-13.5) vs CLE. Good Luck!!

October 22, 2009

Movie Review #22 Where The Wild Things Are

Where The Wild Things Are (2009) Max Records, James Gandolfini Directed By Spike Jones

Spike Jones is probably best known for possibly the best video of all time (Ok defiantly top five though), Beastie Boys Sabotage. In 2002 he melted our minds with an innovative film called Adaptation, and brought Oscar nominations for Streep, Cage and Chris Cooper (Cooper has a role in Wild Things and also won the best supporting actor statuette). He is a great story teller and I am secretly afraid to watch Adaptation again because it was so crazy weird. I am not sure what my first thoughts were when I heard that he was pegged to direct this adaptation of Where The Wild Are, but there was no doubt in my mind that I would go and see it. I loved the book as a kid, and although there are those of us (Um, Adam Carolla I'm talking to you for killing this story on your radio show frequently) who don't like it, I was in awe of the classic Maurice Sendak book, which was read to me first by Mrs. Cross, my first grade teacher. As somebody like Carolla would point out there really isn't that much to the story...it really is just a classic picture book. But Jonze and Dave Eggers (a well noted Boston writer who wrote Away We Go, a 2008 well-received film) do a nice job adding layers to the story.
In the Spike Jonze version of the universe that is Where The Wild Things Are, Max (played well by Max Records) is a child that thinks the world should be paying more attention to him (like most). In a fit of rage (which includes him biting his mommy) he takes off in the middle of the night and ends up in a world filled with Wild Things. The Wild Thing characters are amazingly complex and absolutely fascinating, non more so than Carol (who is voiced beautifully by James Gandolfini). They are a group of wonderfully crafted monsters who are trying really hard to make it work in their world...and when Max comes along, naturally they view him as their savior, their KING...the one that will bring them together and make it work. The conclusion of this story is wonderful and the closing scene of the film is downright perfect; although at 94 minutes I do remember looking at my watch but, I won't scold the film for being a touch slow at times it as certainly has enough redeeming qualities for me to highly recommend it. For now Where The Wild Things Are will sneak into my top ten for the year (and I will list ten because even though I disagree with the Academy Awards who have now gone to ten best picture nominees I will ride that bandwagon I suppose for blog purposes), along with another children's story brought to film from earlier this year, Coraline (DVD Review #17...a 7.0 on the Shawshank Scale) also included in my top ten.

(The Shawshank Scale1-10) Ok so in a world where Tony Soprano is an emotional passive-aggressive giant furry monster that cries at one point and desperately needs a mommy, that's a world, or movie, that rates a strong 7.0 on this scale.

Food For Thought: Ok had Ice Cream again, but forget that I got something new and sexy for you...Take some solid pork chops...dip them in flour spiced with dill, parsley, and chilli powder bread em...bake em (350 for 1 hr 30 minutes, covered) and then un cover them, pour some spicy (to your own taste...but the spicier the better) cream of chicken soup over them...and pop em back in for another 30 minutes, uncovered...and thank me later :)

October 20, 2009

Fantasy Football Update #5 (week 6)

Quote of the week " "Smells like...Victory" (From Coppola's great film Apocalypse Now). For two weeks (4, 5) we took a beating on the fields of Fantasy Football. We also just did so-so in our "Bet On This" debut feature...well after a two week bye I'm here to tell you we are back with a vengeance and it Smells Like Victory. I broke losing streaks in both leagues by going 2-0 this week, but more importantly my teams came together to set a scoring record in one league...and to sneak me back into contention in the other. During the two weeks I was gone (for personal and homework reasons) several moves were made and I won't be covering all of them, however I will break down this past week and try my best to fill in the blanks. (note for those who wanted some more info on how my picks are doing and how I rank nationally with fantasy...in ESPN PigSkin Pick Em I rank in the top 84.4%, in College Pick Em I rank in the top 78.4%, and in the Eliminator Challenge I won the week with PIT over CLE to keep my streak alive, this week I go with NWE over TAM, and finally in ESPN Gridiron Challenge (national fantasy game) I rank in the top 91.5% with 704 points. Let's break it down.

Pats (League 1) 10 team, standard scoring (ESPN) Record 2-4 (6th) Points 610 (3rd)
I fought hard facing again a worthy advisory...no freebies for me this season, I won 153-147
QB-Brady-53 Points, 380 ps yds, 6 TD's...he's back
RB-C Benson-10 Points, 44 rush yards, 1 TD...still a starter every week
RB-S Slaton-20 Points, 43 rush yards, 102 rec yds, 1 TD, 1 FUM...he is back to form
RB-K Smith-6 Points, 61 rush yards...he is hurt by being the only threat in that offense
WR-M Colston-24 Points, 166 rec yds, 1 TD...a #1 receiver any questions?
TE-K Winslow-2 Points, 29 rec yards, 4 targets...Witten on bye, I tried to pull a fast one
K-M Crosby-15 Points, 4/4 FG's, 2/2 XP's...thank you Mr. Crosby
DEF-Patriots-23 Points, 2 INT's, 3 FR's, 0 points allowed...wow
Bench-Almost started Lynch (7 Points) but decided against it for K Smith...only missed out on 1 point. Julius Jones (0 Points) is fading fast, but I'm still not ready to give up. Witten, Gore, on bye and C Johnson not active for game.
Moves-So after the ditching Ray Rice (mistake) for K Smith I feel dirty...but I do hold out hope that the Lions will get healthy again and he will produce once more. I sent Reggie Bush Packing for Lynch who I like more, and added the Charges D/ST for week 8 (they play Oakland).
Week 7 lineup-subject to change-Brady (@TAM), F Gore (@HOU), S Slaton (SFO), C Benson (CHI), M Colston (@MIA), J Witten (ATL), M Crosby (@CLE), Patriots D/ST (@TAM)

Dirty Dawgs (League 2) 10 team, non-standard scoring (CBS) Record 3-3 (2nd) Points 415 (2nd) We won 129-80
Trade update:Made a move sent C Johnson, J Addai, and T Heap out for C Benson, B Marshall, V Shiancoe...it was a year making deal for this team.
QB-Brady-53 Points, 380 ps yds, 6 TD's...um Jeff Fisher, Dan Synder is on the phone for you
RB-Benson-6 Points, 1 TD...got him in steal of a trade and feel much better about my team
RB-T Jones-24 Points, 210 rush yards, 1 TD...if we redrafted today he goes in the 2nd round
WR-B Marshall-0 Points, 49 rec yards...he should score points every week
WR-W Welker-24 Points, 150 rec yards, 2 TD's...he is a huge part of Pats offense
TE-T Gonzalez-12 Points, 52 rec yards, 1 TD...every week he puts up numbers he is a machine
K-S Hauschka-7 Points 1/2 FG's, 4/4 XP's...should have won the game for the Ravens
DST-Eagles-4 Points, 2 INT's, 2 sacks...not a horrible performance
Bench-Well Favre played well again (26 Points), C Williams showed up (8 Points), as did B Berrian (6 Points), but the only guy that would have done better for us here was V Shiancoe (15 Points) who has been great as of late.
Week 7 lineup-subject to change-Brady (@TAM), T Jones (@OAK), C Benson (CHI), M Lynch (@CAR), W Welker (@TAM), T Gonzalez (@DAL), K Brown (SFO), Eagles D/ST(@WAS)

Some Advice from the guy who is 2-4 and 3-3-Well I would be the first to admit that with these records I may not be the first guy you want to take advice from...however my points overall (2nd and 3rd) would indicate that I am still doing something right so for what it's worth...Watch the defenses of opposing teams and continue to play your match ups (play any passing offense players against TENN and so on)...ride the hot hand of those who are...well hot (Favre, Brady, Colston, Schaub). Don't settle for a crappy D/ST...find yourself a favorable matchup (even if its on the road) and go after it...(some week 7 notables-GNB @ CLE, IND @ STL, NYJ @OAK, CINN vs CHI, and SDG @ KAN)...you need turnovers so play the defense that will get them...meaning Cutler gets picked off...play a defense against Cutler!

Keep an eye on-Sidney Rice, 23 rec, 409 yrds, 2 TD's...he is a top Favre target, Justin Fargas, he is getting a lot of touches and I have a hunch he finds the endzone a few times in the next few weeks. C Buckhalter is back, but only grab him if there is nobody else because Moreno is still going to steal the show...lastly take a good hard look at both Johnny Knox 224 rec yards and 3 TD's, and Torry Holt 407 rec yards...these guys are just fine as fill-ins for your bye weeks.

Bet on this! (just don't get mad at me)-S0 in week 4 I started this feature and the results were mixed. covered 2/4 in the Like em section, caught 1 underdog in the 3 if you can stomach em section, and finally went 2/3 in our parlay for the week. Have caught a few in the last few weeks non better than my two team parlay call on the Texans and Chiefs both ML...paid around 10-1 so lets try this again.
Like em-GNB (-7) @ CLE, HOU (-3) vs SFO, and NOR (-6.5) @ MIA
3 if you can stomach em-ARI ML @ NYG, MIN ML @ PIT, and ATL ML @ DAL...so these three underdogs are not spectacular, but they will pocket you cash even if you catch only one. I listed them in the order I like them and I really have a hunch the Giants Defense got exposed by the Saints and I think Old Man Warner can capitalize.
1 Parlay-take the over in the Pats game (45ish) and the Pats (-13.5), then toss on Packers (-7).

BASEBALL UPDATE-I decided that the logical thing to do is to hold my baseball year in review until the World Series is determined...the review will cover my 2 fantasy leagues and break down how my predictions for the year turned out (this will hurt a little).

October 15, 2009

Movie Review #21 Couples Retreat

Couples Retreat (2009) Vince Vaughn, Kristen Bell Directed by Peter Billingsley

This movie is fine, there are nice scenic landscapes, beautiful people, and some (just a touch) of comedy gold. It is with much sadness though that I noticed one thing that will drive this rating way down...you see I previously did not know before catching it in the opening credits that this film was written by the great duo of Jon Favreau & Vince Vaughn (if you have not seen Swingers yet...for the love of all mankind come over and watch it). You see Swingers a film written by these two was written in a weekend and although a film called Made (they also wrote together) did not live up to the Swingers bar...it was still within reason to expect some semblance of greatness from a film that these two wrote. This movie is not great, it has some opportunities for hilarity and it too often whiffs on those chances.

The film is about four couples who are off on an island therapy vacation. The lead in to the actual vacation is silly so we will skip that, once they get there they are met by Marcel (a mostly wasted Jean Reno...who we still love from The Professional) and Ctanley with a C ( the funny but again wasted Peter Serafinowicz) who instead of letting the couples party in the island paradise that is Eden, force them into a variety of couples therapy activities. Seems simple enough and yes there are some funny moments, but with a premise like this there really should have been more um...funniness. Jason Bateman plays straight man Jason and his wife Cynthia is played by a pretty Kristen Bell...Jon Favreau plays Joey who frequently cheats on his MILF wife Lucy played by the always watchable Kristen Davis, Faizon Love play plays Shane (who dates a 20 year old after his wife left him) and Vaughn and Akerman play Dave and Ronnie. They all have a few moments, but in the end it is a lazy film that should have been better. Even great role players Ken Jeong (yeah the small penis guy from The Hangover) and John Michael Higgins (The one who sings Owner of a Lonely Heart in The Break-Up, a much better film) gets almost nothing to work with here. I don't know if it was all cut out in the editing room, but to me it really felt like this film was supposed to be better. Maybe Favreau is just treading water in between his next Iron-Man film and maybe Vaughn is just fine with collecting a paycheck and showing up for films as Vince Vaughn now...for the sake of their fans I hope the next time they make a film they put forth a little more effort...nobody is going to be jumping up and down for The Next Four Christmases or Fred Claus 2...c'mon guys you wrote swingers for god sakes.

(The Shawshank Scale 1-10) Well it is watchable, and even a lazy Favreau/ Vaughn comedy is still a Favreau/Vaughn comedy, I guess the combination of watching the pretty wives, and the somewhat funny banter of the old men is enough to warrant a 5.5 for this film on the scale...SPOILER ALERT!...because I will predict a pretty major drop off from its 35 million dollar opening weekend I feel ok in giving away the movies best line, because it fits with my review..."I guess there's really not much to say"(Vaughn says after facing a worker who witnessed his son pee in a showroom toilet at a home store) Yeah Vince there isn't much to say about this film...A standard comedy nothing more...if you see it bring someone you will want to make out with.

Food For Thought: Didn't eat anything at this film but try this: one part Red Bull, one part cran, one part V Vodka, splash of Triple Sec, Splash Midori, lime garnish...I call it The Chaos Cosmo (please wait for me to turn my back before you make fun of the name). Up next for Vaughn is a couple of mysterious films called Sunny and 68 and The Realtor s. For Favreau there is of course next summers first...Iron Man 2 and Bateman has a film titled Paul about some comic book geeks co-starring Seth Rogan. For the ladies Kristen Bell has When in Rome a cute looking romantic comedy where she plays leading lady, for Akerman there's Elektra Luxx, a comedy about a pregnant porn star, and finally Kristen Davis who of course has the much anticipated SATC2...or for the guys...um Sex and the City 2...OMG!!!

Movie Review #20 Whip It

Whip It (2009) Ellen Page, Marcia Gay Harden Directed By Drew Barrymore

Dubbed as the"Real Girl" movie of the year by the Huffington Post. I suppose I can agree with them. Whip It, is a solid directorial debut from the always fun if not always great Drew Barrymore. It isn't a top notch comedy and it isn't a special coming of age movie that will stay in your brain for years to come, however it is a nice ride of a film that has a solid amount of humor, a reasonable amount of likable characters (how bout a likable Jimmy Fallon...that doesn't happen often) and a nice find your own self message that resonates with everyone. It is a girl power movie that guys will enjoy as well. (who doesn't love fishnet wearing ladies hitting each other while roller skating?)

The film is the story of Bliss Cavendar (the always lovely and great female roll-model actress) Ellen Page who has gotten fed up with her hick small town Texas life and is bursting to find somewhere that feels like home. She has a love/hate relationship with her hardworking mom (Marcia Gay Harden), who wants Bliss to win the same local beauty pageant that she won some years back, but Bliss really wants no part of it. After meeting some of the Roller Derby ladies at a local event, she is invited to partake in the madness (of course she is). After that, it is a few standard training montages and some other stuff that is all predictable but still fun...you get the idea. The standouts of this film are clearly the (nice to see you again) Juliette Lewis who plays a rival skater (Iron Maven) who tortures the newcomer throughout the film, Kristen Wig (who we love) plays the very awesome Maggie Mayhem, and the talented Alia Shawkat (best known from Arressted Development Mae) as the best friend to Bliss...Pash. It really is a fun and cute film, Ellen Page is easy to watch and the story won't ask your mind to do much. I wasn't sure I would like it that much but found myself very happy with it by the credits (it always makes me like a film more when they look like they all had fun making it). Daniel Stern who plays the dad in this film is also a nice added surprise. I wouldn't say it ventures near greatness, but if your a young girl who thinks she is alone on an island and no one understands (is that all of you?...sorry just kidding)...then I think this movie will bring a smile to your face...and who knows it may even make you search for your old Barbie Skates...?

(The Shawshank Scale 1-10)Barrymore and her first film gets a very solid 6.0 on the scale for shear entertainment an and excellent cast. I will defiantly keep my eye out for her next film. This won't get into any top five of the year talk...but I do certainly recommend this film...especially to the ladies, this one you can drag your boyfriends to.

Food For Thought: I was a little sleepy so I sneaked a Red Bull (sugar-free) and a few Triskets in...as well as a pop-tart (cherry of course). But I would highly recommend that sometime before the month is out go grab yourself some solid Chicken Tiki Masala at your local Indian dinner joint...man I don't eat it enough, but if done right...so good. Up next for Barrymore is the De Niro led Everybody's Fine about a widower on a road trip, and for Page there is a thriller about a train accident called Peacock that costars Cillian Murphy as well as the Dicaprio led Inception directed by Batman Begins alum...Chris Nolan, and if that wasn't enough for you she plans (at 22 years old mind you) to co write and co produce an HBO TV series Snitch N Bitch with one of her co stars (20 year old) Alia Shawkat and Sean Tillman...wow.

October 10, 2009


Sorry guys had a bye week for football updates...will return this coming week with new bets, fantasy news, and a full breakdown. I will say last week my two teams went a paltry 0-2 and my bets didn't go much better. Perhaps after my mid-terms are all done (yeah I go to school, not like I get paid for this) I can get more focused and back on track. Until then read my upcoming baseball breakdown(year in review fantasy and reality) and see how I finished the year in my two leagues (it was solid) and how my overall predictions went. Also up on the board now is my newest movie review for Capitalism: A love story. Good luck to all this week!

Movie Review #19 Capitalism: A Love Story

Capitalism: A Love Story (2009) Michael Moore, Marcy Kaptur Directed by Michael Moore

The legacy of Michael Moore as a documentation and a filmmaker is one that history will speak well of...(isn't that what George Bush would say?). Though bias and often controversial in his story telling methods, he is an expert at simplifying an issue to the obvious. In his film Capitalism: A Love Story, he comes full circle from his 20 year old groundbreaking documentary Roger & Me and reexamines the corporate greed he started covering those years back. In addition to revisiting his hometown of Flint of Michigan (as he often does) he also visits GM (again as he often does), and New Orleans among others to show you the dichotomy that exists between the have's and have-not's. It really is a sad story when you break it down like Moore does, he searches and shows us the real victims of Capitalism (at least how it works here in the U.S.) and then conversely shows us the ones who really take advantage of the system. It will pain you to see that CEO's got to swallow your tax dollars in their giant bonus payouts, while people who were behind a few thousand on their mortgage were asked to leave their houses. Moore goes after past administrations, but I think was a bit too soft on the current...however when you see this film you will want that dose of optimism that Obama likes to pass out.

Full disclosure, I have long thought the system has been a "Democracy for the Few" (READ THE M PARENTI BOOK OF THE SAME NAME!!!) that has years been used by the rich to consolidate power in their giant corporate entities for some globalist agenda...and I am never shocked to hear about the greed from both Washington and Wall Street at the cost of the working man. Moore isn't a socialist and neither am I, but our system and the unfairness (the top 1% controls more wealth than the rest) it has continued to show sure makes you think about it. The lobbyists have to go, term limits have to be adopted, and the marriage of socialism and capitalism has to be renewed...it's like a marriage that has gotten tiresome...lets all take a vacation and renew our vows for the sake of democracy and equality. C'mon AIG I'll buy you a plane ticket in coach...it will be a new experience for you :)

(The Shawshank Scale 1-10)Moore's film for it's entertaining story telling, and it's honest and poignant characters (none better than Ohio congresswoman Marcy Kaptur) will receive one of my years highest's grades (Best Picture worthy 8.0) and firmly cements itself in my top five for the year. (If you are keeping score 500 Days of Summer, The Hurt Locker, Star Trek, Inglourious Basterds, and now Capitalism: A Love Story) We may not like Michael Moore, and some of you conservatives may think socialism is a dirty dirty word...but read the definition, look at where you work, and decide who runs this place better...me the worker...or some corporate boardroom full of crony suit wearing yuppies...for those of us who get our hands dirty I borrow a phrase from the great Randy Newman..."Mr. President, Have pity on the working man."

Food for thought: I'm a working class man who didn't want to pay those prices for popcorn and soda (no I usually do but I went to lunch after so no food this time)...however up next for Moore is...well maybe nothing, it is implied in the film that he may retire ( W, Rove, and Cheney rejoice) but I think we will see him again...maybe he was inspired by Al Franken???