April 29, 2009

Fantasy Update #5

Ok so right now I find myself in the very comfortable fourth spot in both leagues. (Reminder these are 12 team mixed leagues) I am ok with it, and have both my teams playing pretty well. In both leagues I have a pretty set lineup.

League one Posada (Soto still struggling but hold on to him...he will be fine) C, A Dunn (playing great even bats 300+) 1b, Utley (wow need I say more) 2nd, Wright (hasn't shown up...but is still better than average when slumping...even a few steals) 3rd, A-Ram (finally waking up) SS, Ibanez (I totally knew he would be this good...um no), Ethier (now this one I did think would be a stud), Holliday (concerned...pretty concerned) OF, Lowell (still got it), Werth (he can play better), and Derek Lee (wow very awful...but can't bring myself to drop him...he must be hurt) UTIL. This lineup gets me tops in RBI's, 3rd in runs, 2nd HR's, and a medicore steals spot, and a bad AVG. I really need to increase the average but it will come, I don't feel as urgent a need as my other leauge. My pitching staff has been fine...i'm still a matchup guy and as the year goes on I will get a better feel for when a win is coming for a certain guy, so I remain flexible. Right now I stand at 10 wins (2nd) 7 saves (9th) will fix this just waiting for someone to pop up, 118 k's just so so (9th), 3.68 ERA (4th), and a 1.27 WHIP (3rd). I have a staff lead by Oswalt, Bedard, and closed up by Fuentes (please get better), and Nathan (great pick), my other guys are Tim Wakefield (how can you resist), Way-Rod (I keep telling you this guy is for real), and the revolving door of others...Masterson, Aardsma, Ramon Ramirez, and a hurt Smoltz. But this team is still fine, I like the make-up and i'm glad I got Mikey Lowell back. I think with a few more saves and a better average I will work my way up a spot or two.

League Two Laird (please McCann (DL) come back soon!) C, A Dunn (one of my lock guys glad I got em in both leagues) 1b, Pedroia (MVP MVP) 2nd, Youkilis (MVP MVP what?, Pedroia got one already!) A-Ram (i'm supposed to look smart here cause he was one of my lock guys...why don't I look smart yet??) SS, Sizemore (yeah very good, but needs to raise his average I thought this would the year he would do it) Ethier (again this guy is for real...both league worthy), Werth/Crisp (little nervous but these guys should get me through until something better pops up) OF, Freddie Sanchez, Russell Branyon (new additions gotta shake it up) UTIL. More concerns with this team as I thought I would have, but overall just needs a little more TLC on the waiver wire to make up for some weak spots. RBI's (3rd), HR's (5th), Runs (2nd), Steals (tied for 1st), and a low low (11th) AVG...trying to get something done here with my 263 avg...suggestions other than Sanchez???? Just like the lineup pitching is a concern whiffed on a few outings and got my ERA way up there...also I need wins bad but can't find as much quality on the waiver wire, it will pan out...need more spot starts. 6 wins (11th), 18 saves (1st) my one bright spot...but no trades calling me yet, 119 K's (7th), 4.14 ERA (5th), and a 1.36 WHIP (7th). My staff is weakly lead by Zambrano (whip man whip get it down 1.48...but 30 strikeouts fine with me) and Armando Galarraga (i'm a believer), it is closed up by a large group of ok's Jenks (4 saves...he is getting better), Franklin (6 saves...what a pickup), Rodney (4 saves...ERA too high 5.63), and Fuentes (4 saves...but again please get better...your better than this! 6.43 ERA:( The rest rounded out by a Gil Meche (bout to drop his arse), Saito (just did drop him for Mitchell Boggs...don't laugh just for a start...are you taking notes...LOL...you know so you can make fun of me later), Way-Rod (this guy...this real deal pitcher...two league worthy), and my DL hall of fame Smoltz...I know I know...and Dice-K...mark my words he will be worth Lester by the end of the year...well maybe not but I have a bunch of T-shirts with his name on the back so I had to do it. I have to admit dropping Valverde, which might be a mistake...but I was closer heavy and he was pissing me off...he will be back and in the closer role but hopefully not soon so I don't feel bad.

Some advice from the guy in fourth place...twice...currently
Ok time to identify weaknesses in your stats, find em, catch em, and solve the problem. Check the wire before you make a trade lots of good out there, Sanchez, Beltre, Teahan, and possibly a guy like Bourn. Also now is the time to leave a spot or two open for spot starts...if you have a weak team and a middle to solid pitcher start em...you may, like I do, need wins.

Stock up: D Ortiz, Phil Hughes, Manny Delcarmen, Freddie Sanchez, D Aardsma, and possibly just maybe Julio Lugo. By the way picked up J D Drew...took a shower...then dropped him...14 mill...how's that working out Theo Epstein...oh wait Edgar Renteria is on the other line.

Stock Down: J D Drew, C.C. Sabathia, Yankees bullpen, Giambi, Matt Holiday, Brad Penny (Way F-ing down) and Valverde.

News and Rants: Sox finally drop one after an 11-0 run, on an error by pitcher J Lopez, oh well you can't win them all...also why can't Dice or Smoltz be ready so I don't have to suffer through another Brad Penny nightmare...really ! Nice work Houston Astros and Pirates...no one thought you would be good, and my guess is you switch spots in that division pretty soon.

April 26, 2009

Week in Review #2

Draft, Sox Sweep em up, and Big week for Matt Giraud

DRAFY DAY-Ok let's start with defense, those players have a better track record anyway, Mel Kiper gave the Packers an A grade with Raji and Mathews...I agree. Some other worthy defensive draft picks were the skins deciding to think like football people not like headline makers and go with a very talented Brian Orakpo, he's very good, the Saints got Malcolm Jenkins a nice player, and the Broncos got a much needed speedy linebacker in Ayers that will do them so good. On the offensive side i'm not gonna sugar coat it, Sanchez and Stafford are both overrated and over paid...wow that much cash for two kids that have done absolutely nothing. (I am not an expert but would say of the two if I were playing fantasy I would go with Stafford simply because he will chunk it up in the air and let Calvin Johnson grab it for him...wait maybe these picks weren't so bad...after all Sanchez is going to a running team with a great offenseive line, and good defense) The Jets gave up too much and should've got D Anderson from the Browns or Jason Cambell (they are not a throwing team anyway why get a flashy Sanchez), the Lions are betting on Stafford to be good, and I think he can be, but would you care if you were good or not, if you were guaranteed 40+ million...??? Like Chris Wells for Arizona, wanted the Pats to get em, and love Moreno for the Broncos (draft this guy), again that will be a marching offense to keep their mediocre defense off the field...he will fit right in. And the Pats...trade trade trade...no Peppers yet??? I'm on watch still though...nice job with S Chung, DT Brace, and DB Butler...they love their cheap 2nd rounders. Still think some moves will be made, Braylon Edwards I expect to go, and Boldin still should go to the Eagles (who got a nice one, two punch now with Jackson and Maclin). We will see, my wish is still Peppers, come on you know you want to go undefeated.

Sox Nation Another series with the evil empire...another sweep for the rebel-sox. 1,2,3...count em classic games that had a little bit of everything if your a baseball fan...a steal of home plate (never seen that before with a sox guy)...a tremendous comeback featuring the "C" man Tek hitting a granny, and of course ball after ball thrown in the direction of Jeter's pretty face...sorry bout that, but it adds to the drama. I am starting to love this team...Masterson is great and versatile, Lowell can still play...but not run, the sox bullpen is stacked, Papi is starting to go the other way...stay tuned fantasy players...he's about to heat up, and finally my favorite Red Sox player currently the long tenured Tim Wakefield is leading our pitching staff with two complete games, and a very nice 2.45 era, and 1.05 whip...not bad for an aging knuckler with a bad back...I will always remember these great times when you are struggling...you are priceless. Nice work Sox, time to go to work on the Indians now...10 wins in a row and the hottest team in the bigs. thanks for coming Yankees...your welcome at Fenway (the new Cathedral of baseball since you tore down Yankee stadium shamelessly) anytime.

Matt step it up Matt Giraud needs to step it up on Idol this week. If you follow this blogger you know our theory...look out for a great performance or I will have to admit being wrong...I hate that. Also look for a drop off from one of the big two...my guess Gokey but could be Adam...Kris or Allison may leave but I will post an update after tues night. Vote for Matt if he deserves it!!

For the record...I hate my managers right now Francona (red sox) left Beckett who was getting shelled in the sixth when he was clearly out of gas and still had a chance at the win, only to see him blow a two run lead...ridiculous, and Doc Rivers put Tony Allen in "for defensive purposes" late in a pivotal Bulls/Celts playoff game...for what Tony Allen hadn't played all game...oh yeah and he doesn't play defense Doc!...whatever?

April 22, 2009

Looking Forward #1

Yankees at Red Sox

Ok two years ago I was lucky enough to go the opening Sox/Yanks series in beantown, there I witnessed an awesome comeback win (game 1), A strong Beckett win (game 2), and the imortal 4 straight homerun game (game 3). It was a three game sweep of our bitter rivals. Now each Yanks/Sox opening series is different, but you aren't fooling anyone if you sit back and say it's no big deal, too early. In 2007 that first series opened the baseball year, it set the tone for a team about to win its second world series title in 4 years. It is the best and most consistently good rivalry in sports, and its back this friday. Oh baseball is back on, maybe i'll tune in Sunday night? Yes you will and for good reason! Friday 4:05 West Coast Time (Lester 1-2 vs Joba 0-0) Lester shaky in his first two, but getting back on track in last start, Joba winless with a 5.06 era...could be the day remembered as "the day Joba and the yankees figured out he can't start and sent him to the bullpen where they need him, and where he should be". Saturday 1:10 West Coast Time (Burnett 2-0 vs Beckett 2-1) "The showdown"This is a gem these two won a world series together on the Marlins years back, now they are both elites right smack down in the best show in the game Sox/Yanks...this game could be special and i'll record it. SUNDAY NIGHT BASEBALL 5:05 West Coast Time (Masterson 1-0 vs Pettite 2-0) primetime event, with both of these pitchers on opposite ends of their careers (Lefty Pettite at or near the end, and Masterson just blossoming) this should be a showdown, they are both pitching lights out, and due to the nature of these two guys we will get a look at both bullpens. It's early in the season yes, but make no mistake, the first Yanks/Sox series is the official coming out party for the season, it gets serious after this. Bold Forecast: Just breaking out Big Papi Ortiz out plays Hot Captain Jeter in this series as the sox take games 2, and 3.

Some News and Notes, The draft is Saturday, and i'm confused I think I have a beat on it and now I think everyone but the Pats and Colts wants Mark Sanchez...sometimes you gotta just turn down ESPN and clear your head for a day or two...I will do that and then put together a draft review for the blog. Also Fantasy Update #5 and DVD and Movie Reviews.

Idol update...after Tues. show I will state for the record that Matt stays this week as he was the only one who discos it up on disco week, Adam pulled the same trick he pulled a few weeks ago and was rewarded...he is still the favorite, but watch out a shuffle is in order. My guess Noop-dog had a nice run, and Lil is in a T-Kornheiser gots to go position...but don't be surprised if an unexpected is in that bottom 3.

April 19, 2009

Coming Soon !!!

Some more Idol talk, football's draft and what I wish would happen, Fantasy Update #5, Week in Review #2, and Movie and DVD Reviews. Tell your friends...or at least your parents to sign on to the blog that is catching fire, and by fire I mean like when you flick a lighter that is just about out, but you really want to light your smoke, and also it is windy...so sad. :(

Fantasy Update #4 (baseball)

Ok so I am in fourth and eighth place thus far, I know not great but i'm not ready to wave the panic flag yet and you shouldn't either. The season is young (13 games) here are a few things we do know, the Yankees middle relief is awful, D Ortiz is looking like he misses Manny and a healthy wrist, and the pitching for the most part is still deep and we don't know yet who the elite guys are (we need a few more weeks for that) so you can still remain very flexible with your pitching pick ups and drops, remain matchup friendly.

I busted on a couple guys that I have left in the dust already, C Carpenter was great...for about two minutes then he got seriously hurt again, I would wait on him, but I can't, I need the roster space for someone who will play like...A Galarraga, or even U Jimenez. X-Man, the untier, Xavier Nady from the Yankees, my lone Yankee got hurt, good for my Sox (he is a great player), but bad for my fantasy team and the Yankees who if they thought they had a nice piece to trade for pitching in about 6 weeks...think again. Other than that I just moved some peices around that will probably jump in and out of my team all year, Lowell-not awful 262%/2HR/10RBI, but not good enough to warrant starts over Beltre or Wright yet...plus he doesn't run and if you want to be my Utility guy you better hit a shit load of homers, or steal some bases. So though he is one of my favorites, he is relagated to the waiver wire for the moment. Also my favorite current Red Sox player Tim Wakefield almost got a no-no at 42 years old...that was a great game...and even though my heart said go get em!, my brain said he is a guy you can't figure out and will kill you on a bad day. So congrats to me for showing self-restraint.

Some advice from the guy who is 4th and 8th currently

Think about sell highs right now, if your league trades, get rid of guys you don't love that are playing over their heads...Swisher, Ryan Ludwick, or C Guzman, get some value now...the road only leads south from this point on.

Keep an eye on some FO Real playas...E Dukes...love him, he will be great, A Lind...very real numbers this year, F Lewis...best thing the Giants have going on offense right now.

Stock Up: A Galarraga, Andruw Jones, Luis Castillo, and Joe Sauders (the guy was left for dead in both my drafts...he looks sharp)

Stock Down: Dice-K, O Perez, D Ortiz, J Valverde, J Lester, and C Wang...way down lol

Some key Drops from my team...K Shoppach, Mike Lowell, X Nady, B Penny, H Kuroda, and made one trade...(don't kill me yet, I can explain this one), Dice-K for Lester, I gave up on Lester and Dice-K is attacking the strike zone, when he comes back healthy he will be good (and if i'm wrong feel free to do the "I told you so dance on me".

Some Key Additions, R Franklin, F Rodney, W-Rod, A Galarraga, J Saunders, J Masterson, M Scutaro, and U Jimenez.

News and Rants: Keith Olberman's got a baseball blog on MLB.com...maybe all of you know this already, I just found out, it's a good read. Is there any one manager in baseball that kills fantasy teams like Tony La Russa, this guy makes a sick amount of weird roster moves it kills my ability to pick someone up (I have R Franklin this week C Perez next week anyone??), finally what better way to open the new Yankee Staduim than with a loss, followed up by a 14-run 2nd inning game the Yanks lost 22 to 4, this team is better than that, I have a feeling new manager Joe G. will be on the hot seat very soon. Congrats to Griffey and the Mariners I have them winning the west and they look good so far, Congrats to Timmy Wakefield the ageless one, Congrats to Ian Kinsler for showing me just how wrong I might be for thinking Chase Utley is better, and finally Congrats to those teams that have their respective cities buzzing again...Florida-unreal pitching, Toronto-nice offense, K.C.-Alex Gordenless...and couldn't care less (go get Gil Meche right now!), and the Padres-i've been to this staduim and love love love San Diego I hope they stick around, and I hope Chris Young and Peavy lead them to a solid year.

Good luck everyone...give me some advice, I need to hear from you!! All two of you LOL.

April 18, 2009

Week In Review #1

Idol, the grassy knoll, and building 7 ??

What great drama, what great style, what a finish...no people get on board i'm not talking about the 2009 Masters (though that was a great show), i'm talking about the week American Idol used the "save". Ok Ok before my three fans get up and switch to internet porn settle down, if your on this blog at all it is most likely because you know me at some level, and if you know me then you are aware of my disdain for reality TV, but since my boys Tony Kornheiser, The Doug/Drea Duo, and CJB III, started breaking it down sports style and we (me and CJB III) started betting dinner on picks on Idol, I have grown more and more fond of that show. Last year I won the bet with my David Cook pick (got him after he sang "Hello" by Nicole Richie's dad). This year my official pick is Adam Lambert vs CJB III's pick of Danny Gokey...but my instincts told me to follow the "Idol is fixed theory" and keep an eye on the likeable and musically gifted Matt Giruad. I have followed this guy since his Coldplay riff, and think he is the clear best of the pack. So though I would like free dinner, i'd rather see this kid win now. His jam of Carrie Underwoods 'So Small" and his version of M. Gaye's classic "Let's get it on" were so good even I downloaded them. Now the judges would have you believe that Matt can't win, in fact Tony Korneiser thinks they wasted the "save" on Matt, but I have a different take. You see I believe the show is not a singing competition as it is advertised, but it in fact is strictly a cash cow operation that will do whatever it takes to keep you watching (also who will make the best album...sorry Taylor Hicks). So maybe the judges say Meg is good (when we all know she is not) to keep the hot blond around for a bit, or maybe they say Matt is struggling so we don't catch on that he is a frontrunner, and then throw him into the bottom three a few times, make people think he needs votes...and then maybe we will vote him off...wait we have a "save"???? should we use it...and while we scream at our TV yes! yes! or no! no! save it for Danny!!! the ratings go up. You see we are all experts when we watch, but if it is just going to be between Adam and Danny from the top 12 on, why would we watch until the last few weeks, there has to be drama. If you believe the fix is in, or at the least they are trying to manipulate us, then consider these signs during "save week or top 7 week". #1 The GM commercial who is the star?? Answer Matt, he drives the car, he gets the most screen time. #2 In the opening performance of "Maniac" who is the star?? Answer Matt, he sang the lead, and the group parted at the end to give him center stage. Ask yourself why on a week Matt is about to get the boot (unless he is saved) he is centerstage. Is it because they feel sorry he is about to leave, or because he is being groomed as the next idol. I made a bold prediction after the Tuesday show that Matt would be kicked off, and then saved...it came true, (confirm it with CJB III or the Dug/Drea Duo) that was the last thing I needed to confirm that a bunch of guys in a boardroom are not only telling the judges what to say, but telling America who the next idol is...not your votes...old men in a boardroom. I will hand it to them though it makes for great TV, the wednesday Idol was one of the best hour's of TV I have watched in awhile. (since the pilot of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip...come back Matt Perry and Bradley Whitford!!!)

Now some more notes for my sports guru's...Tiger and Phil stole the show and yes Phil outplayed Tiger on Sunday...props to him...but my mechanic...no my Jr. High School Janiter, no wait Angel Cabrera won the master's...despite his awesome physical condition, this guy came back with two holes to go to win his second major. But again I went to do laundry right when Tiger hit the tree.

KG is out and my basketball watching days might be over...or maybe like Idol the fix is in and KG will once again scream "ANYTHINGS POSSIBLE!" Yeah Danny Ainge and a heart attack...that sounds right.

KEEP AN EYE ON: Draft day Saturday will the Pats snake J Peppers finally, will the Jets get a a QB, and lastly will the Redskins finally tell Jason Cambell to his face that they don't like him.

April 9, 2009

Coming Soon !!!

Fantasy Update #4, Week One of the season in review, what moves to make, why not panic, guys to watch. Also Special Comment on Tiger and the Masters, Football's draft and offseason wishlists, and why I love baseball so much...and why you should to. Also movie reviews and Dvd reviews!!! Blog it up, comment it up, yell at me, and as always vote for Alec Baldwin.

DVD Review #3 Yes Man

Yes Man (2008) Jim Carry, Zooey Deschannel Directed by Peyton Reed

Oh my has Jim Carrey fell, I don't want to say this was a horrible movie, lets just say it was very medicore that's all. Maybe Jim raised the bar too high with Dumb and Dumber and Ace Ventura, or maybe its just that Jim Carrey is tired of being Jim Carrey and if thats the case...it shows. It's cool with me if he tries something different, I saw The Number 23 it wasn't all bad, but if your going to try something different go all the way...be Tom Cruise in Collateral...just go for it man. I really liked The Majestic, and The Truman Show was very solid, why go back to a poor mans Liar Liar, don't be Bruce Almighty we've seen that (unless the script is really funny) be Joel from the great Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind a fantastic film. If you want to be old Jim just go get Jeff and do Dumb and Dumber 2 and make a billion dollars.

(The Shawshank Scale 1-10) Jim will get a very boring 5.5 for his lackluster film.

Anyway Yes man is a lazy comedy that wastes Zooey Deschannel, Bradley Cooper (sidekick guy), Rhys Darby (keep your eye on this guy), and the always funny John M. Higgins, in a boring story about a guy who forces himself to say "yes" to everything. It is not horrible, it just isn't that funny, you sort of wait for the laugh out loud moment to come, or the romance to get sweet, or the talking ass of Jim Carrey to show up...but it never does. I feel for Jim Carrey, I know when he does a comedy it is a rough road of high expectation, but why this film, anyone could have done this...give this one to John M. Higgins, and let him do it. Just by being a Jim Carrey comedy the bar gets raised too high, and this flick fell well below. Go rent it, and make out with your significant other through most of it...you will enjoy it more.

As for Jim I look forward to your take on Scrooge, and Curly, as well as the Phillip Morris flick, and the Robert Ripley movie.

DVD Review #2 Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds (2008) Will Smith, Rosario Dawson Directed by Gabriele Muccino

Seven Pounds is a gut wrenching, and at times painful romance story that is meant to tell you that life is both wonderful, and complicated. I think the screenwriter had a very powerful premise here, and although I made it through the film just fine, I was at times uncomfortable with the storytelling. It takes some time to get off the ground and understand what is happening, which is fine I respect that aspect of the storytelling, but since it takes up time to unfold, it takes away from time that could have been used clarifying why this man who is unhappy would allow himself to fall in love so quickly with a virtual stranger knowing what the future holds for him. I am sure it is a plausible story so I don't want to bash it, but it seems forced at times. It was a moving movie that keeps your eyes intrigued by an interesting and unexpected performance by Will Smith (playing Ben Thomas). In this he is unlikeable through parts of the film, which I liked, but also a little confusing, I am not sure I really believed he is a man that would do something like this. I was very impressed by some of the little scenes that played well such as the Hospital Manager in need of Bone marrow, played sneaky well by Tim Kelleher, and Rosario Dawson was also likeable. This movie was flawed, but worth watching, in the end I found myself relieved I did not go see it in the movie theater, and was very content watching it at home. I think Will Smith is on to something by playing characters a bit off though, he should try it again, a little darkness for the fresh prince might do him some good. Go out and rent this, but don't put it too high on your list.

(The Shawshank Scale 1-10) This film good enough for a 6.5 rating.

I also enjoyed some of the special features, mostly the one about box jellyfish, it was my favorite character in the film, and a fascinating creature...after you watch this flick you'll want to come down from the story, so take a few minutes to get out of Muccino's world by watching the box jelly short docu.

April 6, 2009

Coming Soon !!

Brian McCann!! Hits a homer !! Fantasy update #4 and DVD Review #2 Baseball's back, and possibly a special comment on a wacky gossip story I can't let go of.

Movie Review #3 Knowing

Knowing (2009) Nicolas Cage, Rose Byrne Directed by Alex Proyas

I was not going to review this movie, but was inspired by one of my blog followers (there are so few why upset them by not following their advice) to see it, so I did. I was happy to see a movie with a captivating plot done well. It is Armageddon but with no funny parts, no cool hip cast, and a much cooler premise...ok so it was nothing like Armageddon...i'm knew at this. Think Bible code...meets Deep Impact (you know the other asteriod flick that literally came out weeks before Armageddon...yeah that's closer). Nicolas Cage as always is cool doing his best Nicolas Cage impression through a whole movie, this time as an astrophysics professor (believable...wait let me wipe the juice I just spit out in laughter at my moniter...ok got it). His son in the film played quietly by Caleb Koestler is also fine, he has a creepy kind of "Nic Cage won't let me steal his scenes from him so i'm just walk through this and get a paycheck" feel to him, the only real acting standout was Rose Byrne whose performance was the only one to draw any emotion out of us. The story, however is very solid, and the tension and mystery are good enough to keep you moving along and dumb down those feelings of hunger, or the urge to go to the restroom just to stretch out. It has a few twists, and a few surprises that I will not make fun of because I know my buddy Matt will get mad. Yes there are several plot holes, and lots of unanswered questions left looming, but really if you are a buff who likes to believe in things like bible codes, or picks on the bible from time to time...this might be worth checking out. Thought provoking enough to get a smooth 5.5 Morgan Freeman memorable lines from Shawshank (as always out of ten), because Red knows his friend Andy Dufrane can crack a code with the best of em'

Movie Review #2 Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious (2009) Vin Diesel, Paul Walker Directed by Justin Lin

Fast and Furious was a watchable romp that felt like it was a great pitch in the boardroom, a great sell to the two leads whose careers were headed in the wrong direction, and a cool way to make a buck while appealing to those of us who like fast cars. I think the problem was that nobody expected the studio to greenlight this thing after a medicore Tokyo Drift flick (62 mill domestic box office), after the studio did...everyone was like ok quick come up with a scenario where these guys link back up and can race again. It is choppy story telling at best that leaves you questioning why Paul Walker is now an FBI agent (a la Keanu Reaves I AM AN F B I AGENT!!)why nobody just arrests Vin Diesel through the whole movie even though he is just walking around L.A. while cops are watching him, and most ridicuolousy why is a drug runner who needs his drugs moved from place to place electing to use flashy illegally modified cars that are screaming to get pulled over to pull this feat off. If you can get over these and many many other silly things you can enjoy the nostalgic feeling that the original cast does bring to this movie. It is not all bad, some of the action is cool, the cars are as usual badass, and Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez are still really hot. I dare say this film that opened this week to a record setting tune of 72 mill is watchable, and fun. I give it a weak but respectable 4.5 memorable Morgan Freeman lines from Shawsahnk (out of ten), because although Red is guy who gets things, it might take a few extra ciggs to deliver a medicore car romp like this to your cell.

Food for thought: Brought a homemade Barbecue chicken sandwich with lettuce, tomatoe, and sharp chedder...it hit the spot. This movie does have some bad repercussions, it will lead to Paul Walker either getting another shot at being a leading man, or give him a primetime drama to annoy me for a few years, and Yes if we still haven't figured out yet that Vin can't act, we might get an even bigger sampling of movies to really let it sink in...I hope his next flick is a period vampire flick. (sadly it's not it is actually RockFish a movie about a space fisherman trying to catch a big fish in space...hmm good choice Vin)

***UPDATE***Alright I could have been harder on this movie, but decided to be nice, these guys did it right, if you want to hear a great review by two of my favorites go to itunes and downloand the B.S. Report 4/20/09 episode with Bill Simmons (sports guy) and his guest Adam Carolla...they wax poetic on it for like 45 minutes and it's f-ing hilarious Do it!!!!...I wish I had a podcast:(

April 4, 2009

Baseball Picks 2009

AL East
Red Sox 99-63
Yankees 90-72
Rays 89-73
Orioles 77-85
Blue Jays 67-95
AL Central
Tigers 93-69
White Sox 89-73
Royals 88-74
Twins 74-88
Indians 72-90
AL West
Mariners 91-71
Athletics 90-72
Texas 86-76
Angels 71-91
NL East
Mets 101-61
Braves 90-72
Phillies 81-81
Marlins 81-81
Nationals 63-99
NL Central
Astros 89-73
Cubs 88-74
Cardinals 81-81
Brewers 80-82
Reds 78-84
Pirates 66-96
NL West
Giants 93-69
Dodgers 91-71
Diamondbacks 80-82
Padres 62-100

Sox over Oakland
Tigers over Mariners

Mets over Dodgers
Astors over Giants

Sox over Tigers
Mets over Astros

Sox over Mets in 6 games MVP Dice-K

LOL what do want from me...i'm a homer

DVD Review #1 Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire (2008) Dev Patel, Freida Pinto Directed by Danny Boyle

Is Slumdog Millionaire ? (a)Best picture worthy (b) The best romance I have seen in a long time (c) Something new and different that grew on me minute by minute (d) all of the above. In most years as a movie buff I watch literally hundreds of movies, and out of those hundreds, a clear few standout as my favorites. This year (2008) as a whole struck me as a down year in movies. A few standouts like Be Kind Rewind, Indy 4, Sarah Marshall, Changeling, and Nick and Norah, caught my attention but if you had asked me about the Best Picture of the year...for maybe the first time since I could watch movies, I couldn't answer. The Best I could do was Burn After Reading...a tremendous movie, and up until a few hours ago my favorite picture of 2008. When I watched the Golden Globes this year as I always do (although now I can thank god for DVR's that let you fast forward) the rage was a little up and coming movie called Slumdog Millionaire. Honestly at that moment of hearing about it, I thought to myself time for a doubleheader (where I pay for one and sneak into one) movie day so I can get up to speed on this thing...but I didn't go. In fact for the first time since I can remember I had not seen any of the Best Picture nominees at the time of the Academy Awards. I never got caught up...time passes and during the Academy Awards I had that moment of sadness where I started to dislike the movie before I ever saw...expectations were now so high due to its growing popularity and multiple awards that I thought I would surely hate it or at least be disappointed.
Well let me report that I was not at all disappointed in this film, it is truly a master work filled with great acting and clever storytelling.

Slumdog Millionaire is the story of two brothers who come from the slums of India, Jamal played most memorably by Dev Patel, and Salim played most memorably by Madhur Mittal. It is a telling of their difficult lives, as they struggle to survive in this difficult environment, that many of us have never seen or heard of. They are accompanied by the beautiful Latika played most memorably by Freida Pinto. Their lives are told with the backdrop of Jamal's historic run on the Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire". Every answer to a question is piece of their lives, and as we watch Jamal outwit the game, and the host (played well by Prem Kumar) we get sucked into his world. It isn't often that a movie that is so different, with so few known (at least to us Americans) actors, sucks me in like this one did. I found myself rooting for one brother, hating the other, rooting for the host, then Jamal, it was like a rollercoaster ride, but instead of loops and speed to entertain you, you were entertained by life decisions (often more scary, and thrilling). This movie is well paced, ( warning give it 30 more minutes if it strikes you as not your thing and you won't regret it) well written, and well deserving of the attention it recieved. So go out if you haven't already and get this movie!

(The Shawshank Scale 1-10) This film a clear 8.0 rating...one of the best films in sometime!

Final Answer all of the above...A very worthy Best Picture...a clear winner

April 3, 2009

Special Comment on Cutler Trade

I know I know, it's not football season, nor is it time to discuss Fantasy QB's but since this will go down as a big time trade I will comment. #1 if you are a Denver fan...settle down. I know you may be upset, but relax think this through a minute before you call for the head of your owner, and your coach Josh McDaniels. Yes, Josh the coach lied to you about the trade, but Cutler lied about wanting to stay, you guys are grown ups get it worked out...oh no, better idea, how about we delete each other from our respective myspace friends lists and ignore each others texts...hmm thats a way to go, sounds like how I broke it off with my 9th grade girlfriend. Cutler wanted out, he's out...is that so bad? Cutler is a guy who slings the ball around, great talent, but he causes an awful lot of big time highlight plays...and his share of aww bummer, three and out drives. Josh is a Pats guy, the Pats are built to drive down the field in a long time consuming way thus hiding their defensive weaknesses, and keeping those old linebackers fresh. Cutler wasn't gonna like that. So cry baby Cutler gets his wish, he proves he's a big man on campus and gets what he wants, out of Denver...and Denver benefits. They get two solid draft picks to help them on defense (which was awful last year...hello B Dawkins), and a solid QB in Orton who wants to win, and will listen to Josh a proven QB guy. (remember C Simms isn't that bad either). So upside Denver...maybe this won't go down as an awful trade...maybe just maybe you will be better than Chitown next year. Consider that Cutler goes from having a QB friendly coach who let him roam free quite a bit to Lovie (not much more to say about that...the guy thought Grosman was awesome...hello int's for Cutler), his offensive line isn't good at all even with O Pace, and he is throwing to D Hester, and Greg Olsen...hmm B Marshall, Eddie Royal, J Gaffney, and T Scheffler...wow Cutler you showed us all...you went from being my Fantasy Qb to my DO NOT DRAFT list!!! Maybe you should've just made nice and had the best year of your career with a guy that turned a nobody (didn't even start in college) QB to the talk of the town...oh and by the way when the infamous Boston sports talk radio started up with trade Brady rumors in the hight of Cassel success...did he cry and make demands...no...are you taking notes Jay C...oh yeah your too busy ignoring your texts while you watch UFC fights...good luck in chicago...something tellls me you will need it.

April 2, 2009

Fantasy Update #3 (baseball)

Ok so I drafted my second team (one of only two because we have confidence we can win...right guy who joins ten leagues so he can brag about winning one...shame on you) and this is how it went.

For team Soxtown I attempted to do something different then my previous team, (Redsox revenge...is there a theme here?...i'm such a homer...and this new team shows it) I went in with the same philosophy of not drafting pitching too early, and the lack of need for a for real ace because of the depth that pitching has this year. I tried to identify the weaknesses from team Redsox revenge, and remedy them them with team Soxtown...as you will see I failed, and failed badly. So my awesome fantasy brain identified pitching from a starting standpoint, speed, and batting average as my weak spots. This is how my draft went.

Pick 4 Team-Soxtown

1-(OF) Sizemore-(i hate the idea of drafting an outfielder first) almost went D Wright again, but wanted to change it up, he is so good, five tools, and it addressed the speed issue right off the bat...ok so it started ok. Projections 107-32-99-37-297.
2-(2B) Pedroia-Was one guy away from getting Utley who keeps dropping to the mid second round. Peeddy is cool with me though, I thought average was addressed and he is basically a five tool player, who since i'm a sox fan would be real easy to root for. Projections-121-14-91-319.
3-(1B/3B) Youkillis-Wanted a good third baseman, but didn't want the whole sox infield, however this was probably the right pick given the 1st/3rd option, and the fact that average was a big concern. I didn't hate where this draft was going...yet. Projections 96-24-107-309.
4-(C) Brian McCann-No matter what any fantasy guy tells you, he is the best catcher out there, I didn't want to "F" around in either league like last year, I want a stud and reached up maybe a pick early to get him. Projections 77-26-101-302.
5-(2nd/SS/OF)Alexei Ramirez-I know I already have him in the other league, but I still thought through pick 5 I was doing ok, I trust him, he is probably my biggest fantasy gamble, some guys went Furcal too soon, and some guys didn't care about the SS position, I think this guy is a stud and hope that I bet right on him. Projections-See fantasy update #2

Ok so I only break down the top five but we all know you make your money after that...here are the rest with some random highlights.

6-(OF) Adam Dunn-I know too soon...started freaking out (kills my average) as happens sometimes when you focus during the draft process on what everyone else is doing. 7-(CL) B Jenks-Why this was the first closer I took I will never know. 8-(CL) J. Valverde-Ok everyone goes closer, starter, I went closer, closer trying to dominate the category...but he is risky. 9-(3rd) A Beltre-Wanted him on one team because it's a contract year for this kid who is still young, and we all remember what he did in his last contract year...it was too early but I did it to brag about it later. 10-(SP) J Lester-Ok, ok maybe not an ace...I think I became a homer here...he will be solid. 11-(SP) C Zambrano-Strikeouts?(why do I love him so)...please Carlos don't kill my whip. 12-(CL) B Fuentes-Another closer, have him in other league, solid...I should if my theory holds dominate saves,whip,and era with these three legit guys.
13-(OF) J Werth/14-(OF)A Ethier/15-(OF)X Nady-Back to back to back-I made a goof here...one of these should've been a better starter for my team. Fantasy gods forgive me...trades will take place.
16-(SP) C Carpenter-Like his upside...surprised he fell in both my drafts.
17-(UTIL) J Thome/18-(C) K Shoppach-Weaker here than my other team.
then in order...Lowell-insurance, plus it completes minus a SS my sox infield/Crisp-Like him as everyday guy/Smoltz-i'm a homer

So this team isn't bad, there are more options here, and as of now I start Dunn, Sizemore, and Crisp in the outfield...but three outfielders in a row was a major goof, I think i'm the one who laughs at everybody else as they draft, but this time, at least for that sequence I felt goofy...reminded me of the kid on the Yankees who gave up the four homers in one game to the sox at Fenway (yes I was at that game) we never saw him again...I hope this team recovers better. I had all the notes, all the stats, knew my weak spots, and still don't feel great about average, don't feel all that dominate in the steal area...though a little better, and the only legit fix on this team was the three closers I took that should let me dominate the category...only problem there is two of my closers are Jenks and Valverde...LOL

Alright two teams now! One mid season team to go...Draft is over let's make some moves and shake it up...matchups matchups for pitiching, and for my sake...let there be some good matchups.

Good Luck all!!

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April 1, 2009

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