December 10, 2020

SPECIAL REVISIT OF 2009 REVIEW: WOLVERINE With Talking Flick Appearance and New Episodes of East to West with Nick and Rob!

Wolverine (2009) Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber Directed by Gavin Hood

What I said then:

Well the summer is among us, this is what we all have been waiting for (by all I mean probably just me cause I love movies). The one who strikes first with a cool 87 mill on opening weekend...well that would be Wolverine. This marks a string of biggies that will soon follow...May 8th Star Trek, May 15 Angels & Demons, and May 21 Terminator (you know with the guy who flipped out on the set...are you f-ing serious you don't remember that!!) But right now is Wolverine's time. Hugh Jackman got stacked (does he know A-rod's cousin?) for his reprisal as the sharp clawed Wolverine. I am a basic fan of the X-Men movies. All three were solid, the 2nd and third better than the first. By the way this movie basically wants you to forget that Sabertooth (Victor Creed) was in the first flick (it won't be hard to do he was Bane in the fourth Batman). This is a prequel designed to give us the Origin story of the fan favorite "Wolverine". It does a nice job getting us to buy that vengeance, and war has shaped this loner mutant into the guy we all love today. It is a little sloppy around the plot points, but after Fast and Furious, I won't complain too much. the action at times is intense, and too often a little CG heavy. It is saved mostly by the good casting. The pair Jackman and Schreiber as rival half-brothers is pretty cool, though again the story is full of holes. We get a bunch of cool new characters...Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, has maybe the best scenes (though it is awfully reminiscent of Blade 3) and you miss him when he is out of the picture. Taylor Kitsch (from Friday Night Lights) surprised me with a nice portrayal of my comic book favorite Gambit. Danny Huston as Stryker, and Kayla Silverfox as Lynn are both fine as well. It is a swift 107 minutes, that is a little slow at the beginning but keeps you moving along after that. It contains plenty of action, though the editing is choppy and a little confusing. Also it tries really hard to connect to the other movies with Scott Summers (Cyclops) showing up, and a nice young looking Prof. X. Don't be pissed for a spoiler had to know that was coming. Ultimately for the first of the summer it was solid. I thought it could have been done better, but i'm fine with it. I'm happy they got some class actors to do it, if they had cast differently I know I would have slaughtered it in a review. So get your popcorn ready...there's no way in the world I am not going to recommend the first of the summer flick...come on people get excited. Go see Wolverine! I give it a solid 6.5 memorable Morgan Freeman lines from Shawshank (as always out of ten), what if Andy Dufrane had cool Wolverine claws, then he could just cut out of the sewer filled with poop and piss...but then the scene in the rain wouldn't mean as much...sorry Andy can't make it easy for that scene too much, no claws for you.

Food for thought: Would you believe it, I wasn't hungry this time. Up next for Jackman Drive, about a stuntman.

2020 Update: Upon further review this film does not hold up very well to Rewatchability, it lacks in several areas and is overstuffed to a nauseating degree. I still ride for elements of this film, namely Live Schreiber really bringing it, but Gavin Hood perhaps a little over his skis and maybe some sloppy studio interference makes for a watchable but messy ride. 5.0 maybe 5.5 on The Shawshank Scale, one of the worst Star Wars feature films. 


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